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Mike Connors/Bill O'Reilly

I saw Mike Connors on Bill O'Reilly's show (Fox News) about 3 weeks ago. He is 83 years old and looks TERRIFIC! It was interesting to see and hear him be interviwed. He was in the "icons" section of the show.
Connors was positive and full of life.. very sharp and talked mostly about his television show which the title escapes me for the moment. I'll look it up and post.. you all probably remember!

I thought he was very good as a co-star in Where Love Has Gone -- not my favorite Susan Hayward film, but I liked the two of them together.

Re: Mike Connors/Bill O'Reilly/MANNIX

Yeah, it was Mannix -- the tv showed in which Mike Connors starred.

Re: Mike Connors/Bill O'Reilly

Interesting timing - I was watching an episode of the tele comedy series " Two and a Half Men" only last night. While not being an avid fan - I do watch now and again. This particular episode had two old school stars playing the boyfriends of Holland Taylor (who plays Charlie Sheen's mother.)

One was Robert Wagner - the other was Mike Connors - and yes, they both looked great. I suspect the episode is less than two years old.


Re: Mike Connors/Bill O'Reilly


I too saw that episode on "Two-and-a-Half Men" featuring Robert Wagner and Mike Connors. I think Wagner looked terrific, but I can't agree that Connors did. I thought he looked too old to have a full set of hair with no gray in it. A lined face with obviously dyed hair just doesn't cut it.

However, it's also true that Wagner is in his seventies and Connors is in his eighties, so I guess it isn't quite fair to compare the two guys. It was nice to see two men who were in one of Susan's movies, though.

And that episode of the TV show was hilarious, as Mama Harper (Holland Taylor) chose Connors over Wagner (until Connors' sudden demise on the show, LOL) when she phoned Wagner.

It's always good to see the actors we grew up with.

Re: Mike Connors/Bill O'Reilly

Gloria - valid point re the dyed hair aspect.

I agree that it is a treat to catch many 'old' players turning up as guest stars in episodes of current tele series. Many a time in dramas like the C.S.I. franchise, the 'Law and Order' group, and similar, I see the occasional survivor from the golden era.

A while back I saw Nina Foch playing David McCallum's mother in a couple of episodes of NCIS, and many other 'senior' players decorate regular shows.

Even stars from my era who were pretty big for a time turn up in popular shows a lot. Example - 'Desperate Housewives' used people like Lesley Ann Warren, Ryan O'Neal, Polly Bergen and others playing the housewives PARENTS ( which made me feel great - NOT ! lol).