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This new format

I can't even get into half the letters here today and each message's download takes several minutes to open. I have a dial-up connection to the internet which is slow ,as it is. NOW it is useless altogether,in navigating and downloading at this site.

If this is Braveheart's idea then they are not giving any consideration to people like myself, who have no highspeed connections even available in our areas, even if we could afford to subscribe to it.

What's more....this new layout is confusing to navigate. The site worked well before. Why fool around with it ?
Let me hear when things have been fixed, (if they will do anything about it). Then I will be back regularly again. Thanks. ~ANN from New Hampshire~

Re: This new format

Easter Sunday April 12, 2009

Hello ! I tried this new version of the site again today and it is working much better for me right now. For that I am much relieved. I would hate to miss anyone's thoughts on Susan and her career.

Is this niece who was mentioned one and the same as the daughter of Susan's only sister ? Or is this Susan's brother's daughter ?

Glad to be able to use this site again !
~ANN of New Hampshire~

Re: This new format


Moira Dietrich is the daughter of Florence and born when Florence was 50 years old. She had married twice and also had a son, Larry who was 17 years old when Moira was born.

Wally had married late in life and had no children.

Glad to hear you can now use the site.


Re: Susan's niece by her sister Florence

Thanks for filling me in on that one Trish. All I knew of Susan's sister is what was written in that bio "SUSAN HAYWARD...Survivor". In that book sister Flo was a divorcee' with one child, the last the author mentioned her. And my own faulty memory thought that first child (and to me, ONLY child), was a girl.
I guess I need a "refresher" course in Susan 101. Ha ! Again, many thanks

Happy Easter and/or Seder to all. ~ ANN ~

Re: This new format

Does anyone know whatever became of Moira Dietrich? I worked with her at First Interstate Bank in Hollywood for a number of years back in the 80's when we were both relatively young. I will never forget her, her red hair, how fun it was to be around her, and her then-aspirations to follow in her aunt's footsteps.

I've gone looking for Moira on the Internet since it started coming of age back in 1995, but have been unable to find her, or much about her. Does anyone know?