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Glad to hear you are feeling better.

Regarding the heading above, I have often read that Susan was able to keep some dresses/outfits from her films.

I have pictures of her in two dresses which Susan wore in MY FOOLISH HEART off the set. At the beginning of the film she wears a day dress with a small buckled belt. This is in the scene where Mary Jane comes to visit her and speaks to little Ramona.
Susan has been photographed in the very same dress in the garden of her home on Longridge Avenue with Jess.

The other dress is a long white, lace effect evening dress which she wore when she arrived at the party and went for a drive with Lew, near the end of the film. I have about four pictures of Susan in this dress which were included in the LIFE magazine pictures released to the public last November.

I had quite a time with printing up all those pictures as originally it was said there were 200 of them but I have around 390 different ones as each time I went looking there seemed to be more. (I am not complaining naturally!)