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Walter Mirisch talks about Susan

In his book, "I Thought We Were Making Movies, Not History," Walter Mirisch of the Mirisch Company, which produced "Stolen Hours" (not to mention "The Apartment," "Some Like It Hot," "The Magnificent Seven," "West Side Story," and many other notable films), lauded Susan as a "fine actress who had already won an Academy Award" when she was approached by his production company to appear in "Stolen Hours."

He also said of her courageous appearance at the 1974 Academny Awards:

"Susan Hayward, a great lady of so many marvelous screen performances, had also agreed to be on the show." (He had previously mentioned Katharine Hepburn's appearance as well.)

He continued:

"She was in the late stages of cancer and weighed only eighty-five pounds. But her trademark red hair, now in a wig, sat on her head, and with great bravado she appeared and did what she was called upon to do, to great acclaim."

Also noted in this paragraph was the following, from Variety, April 10, 1974:
"For the trade, one of the most dramatic moments of the night came with the appearance of Susan Hayward, who, together with Charlton Heston, presented the Best Actress prize. Nature of her recent illness and its severity have been rumored for almost a year, and Niven introduced
her as being 'no illusion.'"

How well we remember that night and look back on it as yet another testament to the courage of this remarkable woman.