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Ray's Photo Collection/No. 27

Ray, is this Italian?..not sure...this is obviously from "I'd Climb The Highest Mountain."

I am about 3 or 4 photos behind on the slideshow.. will get that up to date today, and we will repost on here. It should automatically update on the homepage.

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/No. 27

Yes indeed, this is from Italy dated April April 22, 1951. I believe Susan wore this outfit in "I'd Climb the Highest Mountain" this is one of my favorite films. The part of the preachers wife was scheduled with Jeanne Crain, but the story goes she was expecting and then it went to Susan. Besides Bolero magazine, Susan appeared on so many Italian covers during her Hollywood reign next to Rita Hayworth and Claudia Cardinalli..

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/No. 27


Maybe I'm mistaken, but somehow I thought that Jeanne Crain was also in the running for the role of Jane Froman in WASIMH but became pregnant then, too.

Do you know anything about this?

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/No. 27

Hey Gloria, I can't say forsure if Jeanne Crain was considered for the Jane Froman role. I can't recall reading anything about it. I was looking thru some of books and materials?? Can anyone out there share any thoughts on this question? Thanks

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/No. 27

Eduardo Moreno's book The Films of Susan Hayward, had these comments regarding ICTHM and that "Hayward stepped into this role to replace Jeanne Crain, orginally slated to play the part." and about WASIMH, he wrote that "Jeanne Crain wanted desperately to play Jane Froman, but the singer preferred Susan, who looked a little like her." Eduardo was a true authoritarian on Susan, more then any one I've ever known. This may have cleared up a few questions, I hope. Thanks.

Re: Ray's Photo Collection/No. 27

Ray, now that you mentioned it, I realize that I had read about Jeanne Crain and WASIMH in Eduardo Moreno's book. But for some reason, I thought Crain didn't get the part because of pregnancy, not because she wasn't Froman's selection. Fortunately for us and moviegoers everywhere, Susan was!


Re: Ray's Photo Collection/No. 27

Amen to that!! Gloria, thanks for your comments.