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Sill Pictures from Smash-Up

First thank you so much for sharing the stills and video from Cannes. Also, Happy New year to all! After 20 years of waiting my music room will be finished. I was a music education major in college and after, in the mid 80's, I did 2 years of night club singing. I'm so glad I did. The traveling and clothes was a dream for a young woman . Thanks to cuts in the performing arts I have taught special education for almost 20 years and I love it. I managed to teach private music out of my house over the years but we finally have taken on the huge task of remodeling/restoring our 1915 craftsman home in Southern California. We even have central air and heat now. I have some special prints and pictures already to put on the walls but what I have been searching for are the stills of Susan from Smash-up. The ones where she is wearing the pearl choker and the black dress. I was able to purchase one on e-bay and have seen some of them on different sites. I have been searching for months. I would love to have the whole set. I have my fingers crossed that someone can help me! Thank you! Paula

Re: Sill Pictures from Smash-Up

Hi Paula, your background sounds very similar to mine!

Are there a particular number of stills in this set? I guess ebay would probably be the best place to continue to check --or maybe someone here can help. I have seen several of those also, floating around the web, and I do have one on my webpage...click the website icon below: -- but I can't remember where I got it! .. sorry, and it is small. I know you want something you can frame. Good luck.