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There is a new video on Susan's Youtube entitled "Judy Garland - When You're Smiling".

Candid film shots of most of the stars from WITH A SONG IN MY HEART and a lovely clip of Susan signing autographs showing her luxurious hair to full advantage. I have seen this clip of Susan before on her "Mysteries and Scandals" programme but this one is showing in brighter colour and quality.

While on the subject of Susan's hair, I have often wondered why she allowed it to be cut for her role of Jane Froman. On looking at wartime pictures of Jane, her hair was down to her shoulders so it always puzzled me knowing that Susan liked to wear hers longer.

I know you will enjoy this video.



Trish, I had not remembered this clip in "Mysteries and Scandals."

I guess Susan or the producers wanted her to look more like Jane Froman of the day. I did like her hair cut short in the film.


I agree with Ray, on Susan and the bobbed hair...both that it had a more updated look..and that I loved her hair cut that way. She did "Snows of Kilimanjaro" and then "The Lusty Men" with the same short hair and to me, it was a great change and a good one.

I always loved her long hair, but with the changing of the times...you notice that the new style was shorter hair...Rita Hayworth, Doris Day, Kim Novak, Monroe, Betty Grable..and on and on. And I think the new look on Susan was a good one.

I liked that bobbed look much more than I did later on, with films like "Soldier of Fortune" or "The Marriage-Go-Round". BUT...what a beauty in eariler days with the long hair in "RAWHIDE" and "I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE".

What the hey...Susan looked great no matter how she wore her beautiful red hair..and at least it was REAL
not the dye job they did to remake RITA HAYWORTH...