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the anniversary of Susan's death

I hope that everyone remembers the anniversary of Susan's death on March l4. I remember a friend called me at 2: o'clock in the morning to tell me, as I was leaving for Florida the next morning, and she wanted to make sure I knew. I actually was in Atlanta the morning of her burial but I did not know she was being buried that day. I have always regretted that I did not get to attend her funeral since I was so near.

Re: the anniversary of Susan's death

Aside from my deep sense of loss at Susan's death on March 14, 1975, what I recall more vividly -- and angrily -- was the death on the 15th of Aristotle Onassis. Why? Because his death took the media's attention away from Susan!

For anyone to spend one minute thinking of a disgusting human being like Onassis, when we'd lost a valuable person like Susan, was, to me, criminal. I felt that way then and still do.