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Susan Hayward Mame

does anyone have any pictures or know of any of Susan doing Mame in Vegas. I know that the Los Angles paper did a large article on the show and surely they had some photos. Maybe someone in the area could research the archives and see if any are there. Thanks, I would love to see them. Also, is it ironic that Peter Graves died on Susan's anniversary death?

Re: Susan Hayward Mame

Yes,Bob, I had thought today that it was ironic that Peter Graves, who narrated her biography on A&E died on the same date as Susan.

I always liked Peter Graves. May he rest in peace. I remember him most from "Fury"...the 50's Saturday morning television show.

There is an article on my website about Mame, and a picture in the scrapbook--otherwise, I don't recall seeing over one or two photos that probably could be researched on the internet.

Re: Susan Hayward Mame/oops

oops... I accidentally typed Bob's name in the above reply..

Re: Susan Hayward Mame/oops

When I gave my photo collection to Ginger, for her site, I also gave her the only souvenir program that I had of Susan in MAME. I saw it in Las Vegas and sent the booklet along with all the photos I gave toward this site.

The booklet had Susan in various costumes in the center of the booklet..plus other pictures of her and actors from the show.

I still find it amusing that it was the beginning of LORETTA SWIT's career, since she was playing Agnes Gooch in the Susan show. So...it was before she became Hot Lips on tv's M.A.S.H....

It could be that Ginger has forgotten me giving her that program. It is a once in a lifetime type program so maybe it will show up.

Re: Susan Hayward Mame/oops

Hi Earl, I do have that program, I won it on ebay, it is in great shape and one of favorite items, I really was trying to see if there are other things out. thanks again. Bob