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Photo From Trish/Henrietta Awards

Thanks, Trish for sending this collage you made. This is a collage of photos of John Wayne and Susan Hayward receiving their Henrietta Awards.. 1953 -- The Most Popular Movie Stars of the the year.

Re: Photo From Trish/Henrietta Awards

Jess was really a looker too, wasn't he!! So handsome!

Re: Photo From Trish/Henrietta Awards

Ginger -

Yes, I always thought Jess was a very handsome man too. He and Susan made such a beautiful couple as everyone can see from my video on You Tube.

Regarding the Henrietta Awards for Susan and John Wayne, I did read somewhere that FIFTY different countries voted on the Henrietta's for 1953. What an achievement for her to be the BEST IN THE WORLD that year! Her popularity knew no bounds and in my opinion, it was MY FOOLISH HEART which started the ball really rolling for her and then of course, the four films she made back to back and all released over a five month period in 1951 - RAWHIDE, (did you ever see such amazing hair and teamed with the great Tyrone?) I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE, I'D CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN, and DAVID AND BATHSHEBA (that fantastic hair shown in colour!) Another fan of Susan's once told me that he became aware of her when his parents took him to see this film as an 8 year old and his mother actually gasped when Susan first appeared as she thought she was so beautiful.

The movie-going public of the time could not fail to be impressed by her and then the so popular, tugging at your heartstrings - WITH A SONG IN MY HEART. Susan worked so hard on that one with all the lip synching and studying of Jane Froman. Such a lovely film. (If you look on You Tube, someone has posted the starting scene and said Jane is actually in the film sitting behind Thelma Ritter and wearing a red dress and gloves - it certainly looks just like her although it is filmed at a distance and I wonder why it has never been mentioned, or at least, I have never heard it mentioned before!)

It is really no surprise that Susan won the Henrietta vote - she so thoroughly deserved it and I am sure made her very proud.

When she won the PICTUREGOER Award in Britain for the most popular actress in 1952, I think I sent in about twelve votes for her - all made out in the names of different friends from school! I would have sent in more but I had run out of pocket money to buy the magazine to get the voting form!! I remember the headlines in the PICTUREGOER when the result was announced - "It was Susan Hayward all the way - right from the word 'go'." I was one very happy teenager at that news.

Susan won that award again a few years later for I'LL CRY TOMORROW - my own personal favourite. Her acting has to be among the best of all time for that film. Eddie Albert mentioned on a programme about Susan that he and others had to leave the set due to the intensity of her portrayal of Lillian Roth when she was filmed going into recovery. Magnificent film.

So, here we all are, all thanks to Ginger, still admiring Susan and writing about her. She was one very special Lady.


Re: Photo From Trish/Henrietta Awards

Susan certainly deserved this Henrietta Award. DO they still honor movie stars with this "award"? I never heard of it until Susan won it in 1953. In any case, Susan and Jess made a wonderful couple, and indeed Jess was very handsome. I am sure that is what turned Susan on. He was charming, handsome, available bachlor in Hollywood and he was also a movie star. They fell in love, almost like a Cinderella story.
Thanks Trish for the beautiful arrangement.

Re: Photo From Trish/Henrietta Awards

How fortunate we are that Trish has all these amazing, beautiful pictures of Susan! Susan is so breath taking in these pictures. It's so much fun when I see Trish has put new pictures up because they're ones I've never seen before. Thank You Trish!

Re: Photo From Trish/Henrietta Awards


You are very welcome and I am so pleased to have other Susan fans see my pictures. It is such a good feeling for me to know I am instrumental in letting other people see and enjoy the pictures I have collected over a period of 60 years. Susan has been a major part of my life during all that time.