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A few new photos...

Ally and I made a recent trek down to my oldest daughter's storage unit (Nadia) and made off with some treasure(s)...

a few of them are here:


More, I am certain will be available fairly soon, through another familiar source...


Re: A few new photos...

Thank you Tim - it is great to see them and look forward to seeing others.


Re: A few new photos...

Nadia has some buried treasures in that storage unit -no question. All great to see as ever and the family photos are marvellous. Have to say that I really love that John Wayne / Susan " what ever did he say ? do ?" shot.


Re: A few new photos...

I enjoyed these photos so much, especially the first one with all three of the Marrener's. Hope you will find more to share with us. Thanks much.

Re: A few new photos...

Tim, these are fabulous photos. I had never seen the one of your mom, dad, and Ann Blyth. I'm thinking it might have been in a movie magazine, but maybe not.

The family photos are precious. I have never seen a photo of Morgana before. I especially love the photos of you and Greg and also the one of your mom holding you and the stuffed animal.

These are priceless. Thank you again!