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the new book on Susan ! When available and where?

Maybe Trish willl be able to help me!?

Wanted to order the new book by G.Arceri on Susan but could not find it on Amzon.com...!

Went to the publisher's website , but they say they only ship orders within the US.....

and they advise foreign orders to be placed at Amazon.com!!?

Well i am facing a problem there if you can folllow me:-)

What can i do to order that new book and get it shipped to the Netherlands,Europe?

Thanks for your help and advise,


Re: the new book on Susan ! When available and where?


Some suggestions that might work:

First, since the publication date was just 9/15, it's possible that Amazon hasn't listed it yet. So possibly by waiting a couple days, you might find it on there.

If not, here's what I did: I did not want to go through Pay Pal to order the book from Bear Manor Media, so I sent benohmart@gmail.com an e-mail asking if I could order it by mail by sending him a check first that would include postage; and if so, could he tell me how much it would be?

He wrote back that it would be $25 total, which I sent him yesterday, and I'm awaiting receipt of the book.

Since he would most likely have to send the book to you via Air Mail, what I would do is find out from your local postal authorities what the Air Mail rate would be for, say, a book of 400 pages (just a guess,which I believe is on the high side, since I haven't yet received the book and don't know its length to determine its weight).

Then, when you find out what it would cost to ship Air Mail, send an e-mail to benohmart@gmail.com, tell him the book isn't available from Amazon (at least not yet); and if you send him a money order (or whatever would be accepted by a U.S. bank) for the total of the book's cost and Air Mail cost, could he then send you the book?

(If you want to include that you're a diehard Suan Hayward fan and desperate to read this wonderful book about her, I suppose that couldn't hurt.)

Hope this helps.


Re: the new book on Susan ! When available and where?

Hi Philippe,

If you could e.mail me your e.mail address, I will write personally re BROOKLYN'S SCARLETT. I was having the same trouble as you being a resident of the U.K.