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" New ' Book On Susan Isn't New!

Fellow Fans,
Like Ray, I too received my copy of Gene Arceri's
'new' book on Susan-it is not new. For those of us who
read and remember his book "RED" written in collaboration with Robert La Guardis and published in
1985,"BROOKLYN'S SCARLETT" will be recognized as a
virtual reprint of the earlier work (and I'm not re-
ferring to the facts of her life).While a few pages
of info not included in the first book have been added
at the end of this one-namely,an interview done with
Susan's maid Cleo in 1984,nothing else original appears to have been added. The quote on the back
cover about this book being the one Susan Hayward deserves is given verbatim and refers to "RED"-
published two decades ago. As to the book's physical
appearance,it is a paperback (if memory serves,when
I ordered it I think it said hardcover). In addition,
there are numerous typos and very few pics. Sorry to
be such a wet blanket,guys,but I for one was disappointed though I guess an author can plagiarize
his own material! Meanwhile,we can hope that someday
a book that Susan really deserves will finally be written.

Re: " New ' Book On Susan Isn't New!

What a big disapointment...I am speechless!

Re: " New ' Book On Susan Isn't New!

To be honest, I was waiting to see what Tim Barker was going to say about this book when it came out, if he changed his mind or anything.

When the topic of Brooklyn's Scarlett came up several months ago, he seemed skeptical at best: none of the biographies written about his mother, he felt, had captured the real woman, and he was doubtful if his uncle would have been willing or able to paint the complete picture of what her (and their) early life was like in Brooklyn. I gathered no one had tried to contact either Tim or Greg Barker for an interview in recent years.

But just a reprint of Red? Good God...might just as well see if I can get a used copy online. I haven't read that book in two decades...if memory serves me right, her sister Florence had a lot of input, which probably was not such a good thing. As we all know the two women had been estranged and I guess Florence had her own agenda as to how Edythe/Susan would be remembered.

Re: " New ' Book On Susan Isn't New!

Gee guys, I'm shocked...NOT

My daughter Nadia has a copy of "Red", which I have not perused in about 20 or so years. I am BBQ-ing at her place tomorrow with Ally and will pick it up and - compare it with the "new" book.

A tidbit on my Aunt Florence...When Greg and I were about 10, my Mom told us that if we saw Florence coming up the street (Longridge), we should cross to the opposite side and - RUN LIKE HELL!!!

I had my own encounters with that poor soul...

I'll report back after...