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A&E/Susan Hayward Bio/Youtube/Sound

Hi Everyone,

I posted parts 1 - 17 of the Susan Hayward A&E bio on youtube several years ago. The sound seems to be fading on the clips, EXCEPT for the one clip (part 4) that I recorded directly from the television..the others I had recorded into youtube from a cd. I have had a few notes from people saying "where is the sound?"...When I try to listen, I can only hear the sound on the clips when I use my earphones, and then it's still very soft. Perhaps, over the years, the sound has just faded.. I really don't understand it, however when you get a chance, will you check out some of these clips and let me know how they are working for you. I will probably have to delete them all and re-work the project....just want your input.. thanks....

just type Susan Hayward, A&E bio in your search...my id is ginhay2003, and the clips are parts 1-17.

Re: A&E/Susan Hayward Bio/Youtube/Sound


I just checked all episodes 1 to 17 and the sound is coming in just fine for me in the U.K.

Funnily enough though, there is no sound coming through on My Foolish Heart for me on your Home Page - probably been about three weeks since I have heard it.
Maybe it is my computer!


Re: A&E/Susan Hayward Bio/Youtube/Sound

Trish, thanks for the info.. I was just about to take off those bio clips, but I guess some people can hear them.. I can hear "My Foolish Heart" just fine on my computer from the homepage. I guess it's just something in the settings that needs to be adjusted within in our individual computers, but I don't have a clue what to do about either problem.