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Susan's movies on TCM on Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good news! Several of Susan's movies will be playing on
Turner Classic Movies channel, on Tuesday, January 25.
Titles include: I Thank a Fool, My Foolish Heart, Top
Secret Affair, Stolen Hours, Where Love Has Gone, and
The Honey Pot.

Check local listings for the time in your area.

Re: Susan's movies on TCM on Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Thanks, Amy...I am up very late tonight..(4am) and happened to scroll through TCM...and to my surprise..
found that they are FINALLY giving our gal her day on TCM. I hurried to see if anyone else had caught this and posted it yet. So glad you did!!

Been fairly busy with shows, so haven't been over here for awhile. GINGER...wonderful SCRAP BOOKS...LOVE THEM!

I am about to start rehearsals on the Broadway musical
"1776"...playing Ben Franklin. Then auditions for two Neil Simon plays in Feb. to be on the boards July/Aug
The two shows are..RUMORS and BAREFOOT IN THE PARK.

Late, late nights with SUSAN has been wonderful though
since I have a lot of her films. I did catch WHITE WITCH DOCTOR and I MARRIED A WITCH. Now..my problem is how am I going to have space to record all of the ones TCM will have all day Tuesday. (what a treat!)

ALSO...don't forget...OSCAR NOMINATIONS are also out on Tuesday morning!!

My Best To All..