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News Re: Nadia

Susan's great grandson will be here soon! Nadia is at the hospital tonight and baby boy Miles is on his way..will let you know more when I can, or maybe Tim will find time to fill us in... guess he's got a lot on his mind right now!

News Re: Nadia

Eh...can't sleep...It's 11:30 PM (PST)..Greg Maratea just called from the hospital and Lil' Miles should be a boppin' into the world within the next couple of hours...Ally and I will be at the hospital in the AM with Ilse, Nadia's Mother who is here from Germany...

Tim Barker / PlanetTrout

News Re: Nadia

Miles Barker Maratea arrived at 6:47 AM, 1/28/2011...I will forward photos to Ginger after I visit the hospital with Ally, Josh and Ilse (Nadia's MOM)...

Tim Barker

News Re: Nadia


How wonderful. I have been checking in to the site all day for news and am so pleased to hear of the safe arrival of Miles.

CONGRATULATIONS Nadia and Greg and all your family - another precious child to instruct in the art of fly fishing!

Your Mom will be looking down and smiling I am sure.


News Re: Nadia

Congradulations from AZ!

I was almost going to say this makes Miles a Capricorn, but he's actually an Aquarius!

News Re: Nadia

" I was almost going to say this makes Miles a Capricorn, but he's actually an Aquarius!"

Too true Howard. Nadia should have an interesting time as Miles grows up. Unless he proves atypical, he will be far from boring.

I add my congrats to the family. Great news.