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Susan picked in Greatest Oscar winners

My work has been insane since the New Year and I haven't been online much. I was devasted when I read about TCM having Susan Hayward day. Two movies I have wanted to see was Lusty Men and Foolish Heart. I can't believe I missed Foolish Heart. I hope TCM will have a month for Susan and I'm going to be checking.

Congratulations to Tim and family on baby Miles! What a great way to start a new year!!

The following blog was about the greatest Oscar winners from year one. The part I was really blown away was Susan getting the curtain call because of the applause and the only one ever!


Barbara Graham (Susan Hayward) is a woman with a questionable moral fibre. Often found in seedy bars soliciting, she has previously been sentenced for a number of small, petty crimes. When two of Barbara’s sleazy male acquaintances murder an older woman it isn’t long before the police catch them. Falsely believing that Barbara has assisted the police in arresting them they claim that is in fact her who is the murderer…

Susan Hayward is one of those Hollywood actresses that has slipped from popularity and is probably most likely remembered for her role opposite John Wayne in The Conqueror (1956) – and like Wayne, her tragic death from cancer at only 57, was caused by exposure to radioactive toxins during the shooting of that film. However, her portrayal of real life murderer Barbara Graham is often considered to be one of the finest performances in cinematic history.

Whilst the film characterises Graham as a victim falsely accused, Hayward spent a lot of time with the prisoner before her death in the gas chamber and without actually admitting her guilt, lead the actress to believe that she was in fact guilty of the crime. Therefore, for me, what makes the performance so riveting is Hayward’s ability to portray Graham’s ‘innocence’ despite her own inside knowledge.

When Hayward was presented with the Oscar on Award night she entered the stage to such thunderous applause that she is the only actress ever to return for a curtain call!

source: http://www.obsessedwithfilm.com/features/10-greatest-oscar-winning-performances.php#ixzz1DbhqBvv9

Re: Susan picked in Greatest Oscar winners

Ohhh Boy...(well..here goes...and I am not knocking what was
said, in the article...but for those who watched the tv broadcast..there is a little different approach to the way things went.)

FIRST OFF...Susan did not 'enter the stage' (meaning she
came from backstage and on to the stage)..but as everyone who has ever seen the 'clip' that is even shown
on TCM..our Susan came running down the aisle and onto the stage. Her excitement is seen in that famous run to the stage!)

SECOND...ALL PRESENTERS AND WINNERS were brought on stage, at the end of the show by host Jerry Lewis, and stood in two long lines. The reason being, that the telecast had ended too early...in fact..20 min too early (a first and only time for that to have ever happened in the history of the telecast)...and he had to 'fill in time' for the network. There were articles published saying that this was the biggest line-up of stars with 'egg on their faces'...and standing there with...nothing to do
except...stand there!

THIRD...The orchestra is playing on and on (as I remember it was "There's No Business Like Show Business")as the array of STARS stood, caught on camera, with nothing to do...SO...at that point, it was HOST JERRY LEWIS who took baton in hand and lead the orchestra for a few more minutes. Then he turned back to the audience and said something like: "What a remarkable performance Miss Hayward gave..." and the audience and stars on stage once again applauded her.

JERRY WAS STUCK...and this did give another chance to
applaud for our dear Susan...but she was never brought
back onstage...alone...and given this applause.

I remember being quite double-happy when it happened,
because it did seem like she was 'the only star' to have the opportunity to get 'double applause'...but it
was a...strange moment in time...since the show usually goes way overtime...and here they were..with
time..to...spare...and it went to our dear Susan.

Now..I hope I have not hurt anyone's feelings by giving
the true report on what really happened that night. If
you happen to have a copy of the book "70 YEARS OF THE OSCARS" by ROBERT OSBORNE..you can see the picture
of all the stars lined up..and the run-down on the report I have just given. (pages 148-150)

Re: Susan picked in Greatest Oscar winners

Thanks for this Hollywood trivia. I never new this story of Susan's Oscar night. I must have been behind the times. Do you have the book by Robert Osborne, stating this event that happened on stage. If you do, would it be possible for you to email it to me? I sure would love to have it. I've seen the You Tube of Cagney and Kim Novak announcing the winner...Susan Hayward and the orchestra plays the theme from I Want To Live! and Susan is rushing to the stage. A great moment for our Susan.

Re: Susan picked in Greatest Oscar winners

Yes Ray...I do have the book with that picture and also a picture of Susan wiping David Niven's forehead, backstage, as they stand together. She with her radiant smile as she wipes his brow!

But as far as sending these tings to you, I am not that internet savvy and would have no idea how to do this.

I can give you the info on the large hard cover book though...if it is still possible to get the book somewhere.

It is a large, oversize book with a big gold Oscar on the front. The title..."70 YEARS OF THE OSCAR-THE OFFICIAL HISTORY OF THE ACADEMY AWARDS" ROBERT OSBORNE

It goes from 1929 to 1998 with 'many' great pictures.

It is through....http://www.abbeville.com

22 Cortlandt Street
New York, N.Y. 10007

PHONE:...1-800-Artbook (in US Only)

Like I said...this is an oversize super heavy book that I bought in the '90's at Larry Edmund's Book Store on Hollywood Blvd..but I am told that shop is no longer there.

I hope this helps you find it. This info is taken from the back jacket of the book.

Re: Susan picked in Greatest Oscar winners

Thanks Errol for this information, I'll see what I can come up with. Take care and good to hear from you.

Re: Susan picked in Greatest Oscar winners

I beg to differ your version of events. I have seen the Youtube video of Susan's win and after her acceptance speech, she was escorted from the stage. After the applause was finished, Jerry requested that Susan be escorted back onto the stage for another round of applause and he asked the audience to wish Susan the very best. The applause was thunderous and Susan gave a beautifully graceful bow. Very touching video.

Susan Hayward winning Best Actress: http://youtu.be/DU1I-1v0420

Pat McGeorge