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Isn't it...amazing!!! Once they finally gave Susan a day
on TCM..and now they are showing more and more Susan films. I missed posting a couple that were just on recently...BUT...

I just checked the line-up for Oscar Sunday on TCM and sure enough...Susan will be shown...back to back it two of her greatest films!

"I'LL CRY TOMORROW" followed by her Oscar winning film
"I WANT TO LIVE!"...so check your local listings. They
are on for me at 10 am and noon..Mountain Standard Time.

I have always considered "I'LL CRY TOMORROW" Susan's very Best Film..ever...but my favorite film will always be "WITH A SONG IN MY HEART". Susan seemed to pull out all the stops in 'TOMORROW'...When she is down and out on skid row always makes me gasp, when I watch her twitching face in the scene where she tells the other drunks she is Lillian Roth and goes into the routine of when she was twelve years old. It gives me chills to see how deeply she went into this woman's soul, to capture the pain and sorrow..then smack you in the face with it, with all her great ability as the great actress that she is..in all of her films.

GOOD...SUSAN...is finally shining on Oscar Sunday!

I look for TCM to be showing a lot more or her in the future. That one day showings of her films brought too many replies in, wanting..more..of our Lady...!!


Errol, I've thought about Susan a lot today and tonight.

My favorite film of her's is "With A Song In My Heart" also, but I dearly loved her portrayal of Rachel Jackson in "The President's Lady", and I have a special place in my heart for "Back Street" , which was the first film in which I really began to relate to her and wanted more and more of her on film. I was 13 years old and happy to say I never outgrew my love and appreciation for her. Her work has enriched my life.


Gotta agree with both of you, Ginger and Errol. My favorite Susie flick is WASIMH. It's the picture I saw when I was 12 years old and led to my becoming a lifelong Susan Hayward fan. Like Ginger, Back Street and President's Lady are other favorites. I also play her last performance frequently, that of a doctor in the TV film Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole, because I think either that or the other TV film she did, Heat of Anger, in which she portrayed a lawyer, would have made wonderful series viewing. But alas, it wasn't to be.

And Errol, you are right when you say that I'll Cry Tomorrow was Susan's greatest performance, even better than I Want to Live, I think. It's the work she herself felt was her best and deserved the Oscar, and she was absolutely correct.