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March 14

I am a day early in my remembrance of the anniversary of Susan's passing, but I'm on the road, going to Arkansas to visit my 87 year old dad, and wasn't sure I could get to the computer.

BTW, my dad absolutely adored Susan Hayward. She was one of his very favorites. He used to manage a movie theater in a small town in Arkansas durimg the 1940's, knew all about the stars, and I think his admiration and mentionings of her from time to time in my early years very much helped to generate my interest and appreciation of her when I became a teenager, and then throughout the rest of my life.

March 14 always makes me a little sad, but then again, we are so blessed to have such a large body of her work in which to remember her and still enjoy her.

She once said ,to the effect, that none would remember her much, maybe a few close friends and her family. Oh, how wrong she was! Thank you, Susan Hayward, and we will never forget you.

Re: March 14

"She once said ,to the effect, that none would remember her much, maybe a few close friends and her family. Oh, how wrong she was! Thank you, Susan Hayward, and we will never forget you."

I've thought about that, too, Ginger. I think she said it back in 1972. Years before cable TV or the internet. VCRs were still years away. Nothing but regular broadcast TV.

She probably thought "well, I'll probably wind up on the late late show, with really bad prints of my movies, and that will be that."

Re: March 14

As long as there are fans like Ginger and Trish, and many others of us who loved Susan Hayward, she will never be forgotten.

My hope is that a new generation of fans
who "discover" this wonderful actress through her movies shown on cable and available (more and more hopefully) on DVD will help keep her memory alive.

Ginger, your dad saw a lot of stars on a daily basis when he worked the films at that theater in Arkansas, and obviously he chose the best from the rest in Susan.
Please give Bob my regards.

Re: March 14


Another anniversary for Susan has come around,
For her family and fans many memories abound
Of a beautiful lady up there on the screen,
As we watched her emote in scene after scene.

She delighted us all in so many ways,
With her special little smile and intense gaze.
What was it about her that drew us to her side
That attracted us all so we could point with pride?

She was our favourite Star, of that we were sure
She could act the "other woman" or be so demure.
Her eyes were so beautiful and looked so full of love
As we sat and watched her movies on the screen above.

Now many years have passed and here we all are -
Paying our loving respects from both near and afar.
Dear Susan we love you and love itself lives on
Your memory stays with us though you yourself are gone.

Rest In Peace Dear Susan.


Re: March 14

Thank you Trish and all the other devoted Susan fans for such moving tributes on this the 36th anniversary of her passing.She is still in our thoughts and prayers after these many years. Her movies and her courageous battle with cancer invoke so many emotions. There is no one like Susan. She was and still is very unique and special. We her adoring and grateful fans will continue to keep her memory alive. Rest in peace dear Susan. We will always love you.

Re: March 14


Well done again, my friend! And so like you to use a phrase right C from "With a Song In My Heart," where Nurselancy tells Jane Froman not to worry about what the surgeon saw in her x-ray, because doctors overstate the seriousness of injuries so later, when they successfully "fix" things, they can "point with pride."

Of course, as we know, Jane's leg wasn't fixed, but it was a good line, and Thelma Ritter -- like Susan -- was her marvelous self.

Re: March 14

Susan is not only remembered today ,but she is always remember thru all her fans world wide. There is not a day that goes by that I donot think of this "Brooklyn SuperStar" I have her movie posters in my den and other memorabilia here and there. Her beautiful image is the first thing I see in the morning. God bless you always, Susan. You are remembered today, tomorrow and forever.

Re: March 14

I am a week...late...in posting to the anniversary of Susan's death...and I am so sorry..but have been so busy with the musical...1776...She was on my mind, but there was no way to get anything posted on March 14th as I had wanted to.

Susan has and will always be so much a part of my life and I do want other fans to know how deeply I care and feel about her.

Another year has passed...but Susan will never be forgotten!