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Goodbye, Dear Julie

Julie has visited and contritubed to our message board from time to time over the years. I know you remember her as my friend I have mentioned and have worked with her via her website of her celebrity snapshots. She died peacefully at her home on March 12, 2011. This is a little facebook "note" that I wrote about Julie. Goodbye and goodnight, dear lady.

You can click the website link below or the website icon to reach Julie's site.

****Rest in peace, dear Julie, my friend, age 80, who passed away quietly surrounded by family on March 12, 2011. Julie was a totally independent thinking person who appreciated each day, had suffered greatly physically for many years, and as determined a person as you would ever meet, opinionated, but gracious in her manner when listening to those who disagreed. She had a book published this past summer, a project which she intended to complete before she died. The book is entitled "Subway To The Stars" by Julie Sanges. Julie was a celebrity photographer, with her little brownie camera, way back in the late '40's and early '50's. She took photos of the famous broadway and motion picture stars outside their theaters, and in front of places such as Sardi's and "21." This was an era in time when the stars loved to be photographed and she has many photos where they allowed her to be photographed with them. I visited Julie every time I went to NYC to see my daughter. My visits with Julie were always long and interesting. I'd arrive at her home about noon, and leave about midnight, to take the train back to NYC. I was always very nervous about taking the train back at that late hour and she could never understand that since she had been "born" into the lifestyle of trains and subways. I helped Julie to create a website about 10 years ago, and it has been online ever since.. If you take a look, you can view some of her photos and peep into a time and place we'll never see again. Goodbye, dear Julie. ...Julie's website is: http://www.celebritysnapshotsbyjulie.net/

Re: Goodbye, Dear Julie

I do indeed remember Julie, Ginger, and I've visited her website several times. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures she'd taken back when stars lived up to that designation and were dressed appropriately. Of course, I especially enjoyed the pictures she took of Susan Hayward.

Julie was so fortunate to live in a city where she could see the stars, and she took advantage of it. Even with a brownie camera (which I owned many, many years ago) the pictures were beautiful.

Thank you for helping set up her website. I hope that someone can keep it up, so that those of us who love the classic stars can see them.

And thank you for letting us know of her passing. She'll be missed. Who knows? Maybe she'll meet Susan again.

Re: Goodbye, Dear Julie

Gloria, that's true. Who knows what lies beyond? There are many mysteries indeed.

Julie's niece has been helping to maintain the website and if her niece needs me to assist in whatever she decides to do with it, I have written to her and offered my help. I hope that the website will continue. It provides such a unique part of film history for young and old to enjoy. I appreciated Julie putting Susan Hayward right smack in the middle of the beautiful cover of her book which was a design of images of many of the stars Julie had photographed. I viewed this as an honor to Susan.

I had not seen Julie in over three years but we had exchanged some emails from time to time, and she has written on our message board within the past year. She was very sick the last few years of her life and it was difficult to sit at the computer. She used oxygen. She had pulmonary problems probably brought on by a severe bout with tuberculosis in her early years for which she was confined to an institution until she was well, a harrowing but life changing experience for her. She could have written a book about her own life..... With the steely determination that she had, she managed to finish her beautiful book which was a crowning achievement for herself. She was so happy and proud that she had accomplished that before her death.

Thank you, Gloria.

Re: Goodbye, Dear Julie

Sad news Ginger. I also recall Julie well and remember sharing a couple of emails with her some years back after you directed me to her site.

I also fondly recall spending many hours happily prowling through Julie's wonderful photo collection which, as Gloria mentions,you were immensely helpful in getting set up.

Thanks for passing on the news.


Re: Goodbye, Dear Julie

Thank you very much, Kerry.

Re: Goodbye, Dear Julie

Hi Ginger:

Was so sorry to hear of Julie's passing. Even with her severe health problems, somehow I thought she would go on and on.

Have not been on this board because of my own health issues but finally felt well enough to log on tonight, only to see this sad news. When I saw the subject line, my heart sank.

You and I shared the famous trek to see Julie, so we have that in common. I will always treasure meeting her -- a special person and am glad that you were able to see her more often. I am sure she loved those visits.

It feels good to be able to log on when I am feeling halfway decent again. I have good days and bad days and I guess I can now appreciate what Julie was going through. In fact, I have wanted to e-mail her often to tell her so, but was so caught up with my own problems that I didn't have the strength to do so.

Anyway, I appreciated hearing the news, however sad it was.


Re: Goodbye, Dear Julie

Jill, even though I knew Julie was ill, I guess it was just the fact that she had been ill so long and yet still continued with so much determintation, that I, too, felt like she would be here always.

Julie was a collector and her neice told me that they loaded 1,000 boxes from Julie's basement of all the wonderful items she had accumulated over the years. Kelly and I spent an entire afternoon a few years ago, browsing through her basement. It was fun and a look back in time.

I am so sorry to hear of your health problems and I am really glad that you have touched base with us again. Please continue to visit here as you have time and are feeling like doing so.

Thank you, Jill.