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This is for all of us...and for Paula's comment in "Adam
Had Four Sons" reply...

I am checking out Turner Classic Movies and the Fox Movie Channel..just in case the movie might be shown. I
have also tried checking, in many areas, to find if and when it might be added to dvd releases..but so far..no luck..but continue to check in all areas.

"MY FOOLISH HEART" was under two titles at release time and I have even checked on the 'second title' which does now show up, if you look it up for a dvd release. The second title was.."UNCLE WIGGILY IN CONNECTICUT" (a poor title, since it had hardly nothing to do with the film)

I think the reason for the second title was, that during those years, there was a great continuing children's books..with the adventures of Uncle Wiggily, about a rabbit who kept getting into all sorts of dangerous situations. I remember looking forward to these children books that used to come out (I think)almost monthly.

IN THE FILM...Susan and Dana Andrews are doing the dishes and one breaks...and Andrews says..."Poor Uncle Wiggily.." which brings up the subject they both
share, about the poor rabbit..always getting into trouble.

I guess that the popularity of the books..and what lies ahead, for the two young lovers..with smashes/breaks...and trouble, was the reason they thought this title would...work..(??)

Sure glad they went with the wonderful title.."MY FOOLISH HEART" and the classic song of the same name.


Errol, as mentioned in my below post, if you have netflix online, you can watch "My Foolish Heart" on your computer via their "free" "watch instantly" status. You can probably order the dvd via netflix, but I'm not 100 percent. I'm just kind of thinking that if you can watch in on "instant", that they probably have a dvd you could rent also...it would be best to be able to purchase for your own collection.. that I do understand.


Ginger..I was unaware that anyone had a dvd of this film
You are probably right, for sure...if they have it to watch instantly, they must have it to rent.

I still can't believe that 20TH Century Fox is still hording her films the way they are and not releasing some of them to dvd. It seems they are playing one of her films, almost every week on FOX MOVIE CHANNEL. Usually the same ones over and over..and they have so many that never get shown. She made a ton of money for them..and they are keeping a lot of them in the vault!!