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Great news for those of you who have not seen Susan in AMONG THE LIVING as it was posted on You Tube three days ago in its entirety! You can find it on page 17 of her site.

She is delightful in the role of Millie - exhuberant and animated and obviously destined for the stardom she eventually achieved in SMASH-UP. An odd little film but quite compelling - Susan was really something to watch - just so stunningly beautiful and quite mesmorizing. Hope you enjoy it.



Trish, thanks for letting us know this.. haven't seen the film in such a long time. I have a copy but just haven't watched it in years. It will be very convenient to watch it on youtube.


I've been enjoying watching "Among the Living" on youtube. It had been a really long time since I had seen it. Susan is so young and adorable in it. Not hard to see why she became a huge star. Albert Dekker is very good in the film playing the dual role.


HI Trish...and thanks for the info on this film. Like Ginger, I have not pulled out my vhs copy and watched it for a very long time...so by saying the following, it
may sound a little 'off guard'..but I say it, only because this is the feeling I have always remembered while watching this film.

It reminds me of a modernized version of KING KONG, meaning that WILLIAM BENDIX is truly..hairy..and like an APE in the film. Even in their hotel room scene, when
he puts 'the little snobby socialite..in her place..he reminds me of the APE attacking FAE WRAY.

This was another of those 'little snob roles' that Susan
did so well, when she was first starting out (ADAM HAD FOUR SONS, SIS HOPKINS, I MARRIED A WITCH, etc)..BUT..
what it did was show how 'spunky' and 'fiery' she could be..and these films helped to give her the stronger roles that she would have later on in her career.