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June 30th, Susan's birthday

She would have been age 94
if she'd have lived till now.
But she touched me in the time she had;
I'd like to tell you how.

To me she was a standard
of what women ought to be
at a time when expectations
didn't hold too much for me.

What I saw in Susan Hayward
I hoped to emulate.
She represented strength, resolve
that I hoped would be my fate.

Of course I'm not a movie star;
My name's on no marquee.
What I am from watching her
is not what folks could see.

It's what's inside that drove me
just as it drove her, too:
A wish to beat the world outside
but to ourselves be true.

So on June 30, 2011
I want once more to say:
Happy Birthday, Susan,
we both did it your way!

Re: June 30th, Susan's birthday

Another great poem from Susan's site's resident Poet Laureate. Nicely composed Gloria. Well done.


Re: June 30th, Susan's birthday

Gloria, thank you so much for your poem. I woke up this morning thinking that I hoped to see one of your poems of remembrance of Susan.

94! Amazing! We COULD still have her today. There are people in their 90's and early 100's at the retirement village where my mom lives. They are still active and have good minds. That old sinking feeling of being cheated comes back to me when I think of what could have been, what more she could have created, how she could have lived to see her beautiful grandchildren, her great grandchildren, and her future great-grandchildren. She could have seen her own two children as they have grown into fine men with lovely families. She would have been so proud of them. I hope she is looking down.

Happy Birthday, Susan. We celebrate your spirit, your life, and your work.

Re: June 30th, Susan's birthday

Nice one Gloria - Susan is so appreciated by us all.


We are still honouring Susan in so many little ways
And know we will be doing so till the end of our days.
Appreciating all of the films in which she starred
It being obvious to all she had worked extremely hard.

"I am just a working girl!" we are told she once said
One of the many anecdotes which we have all read.
She was more than determined to reach her goal
As we cheered her on in each and every role.

She was one of a kind which you didn't often see
Susan had a magical quality, I am sure you will agree.
Being way above the others for a very long time
Fox's "$12 million Baby" when she was in her prime.

I know I feel privileged to be able to say
"Dear Susan you are loved in a very special way."
Today is your birthday so now I raise a glass
To toast a unique talent - a lady who had class.



Re: June 30th, Susan's birthday

Well said, Trish. Susan absolutely was someone magical, as anyone who views her films can attest. And, all these years later, she still weaves a spell. What a legacy she left us!

Re: June 30th, Susan's birthday

Lovely, Trish... thank you!

Re: June 30th, Susan's birthday

Every word so true indeed, simply wonderful. As long as there are movies (on DVD's) Susan will remain in our minds and hearts. Thanks Trish for your beautiful poem.

Re: June 30th, Susan's birthday

Loved..both poems, Gloria and Trish..and the thoughts from others on her birthday. Only wish I had been able to have written on here...on the exact day..but was thinking of her...Always in My Heart.