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Susan's birthdate/June 30th, 1917

I was curious about the other events that surrounded the birthdate of our Susan, so I thought you might find these interesting.

June 30, 1917 events:

Susan Hayward born born in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Lena Horne, performer, was born in Brooklyn on that same day!

Buddy Rich, drummer and orchestra leader, was born in Brooklyn also on June 30, 1917!

June 30, 1917 was a Saturday

We were in the midst of World War 1

Susan was "in" to astrology, and I found it somewhat
eerie that her astrology sign is Cancer. I'm not knowledgable about astrology, but here is some interesting info I found about those born under the sign of Cancer, and it seems most of the description fits her:

Astrological data for June 30th birthdays:

Birthstone: Pearl
Flower: Rose

Cancerian folk are often described as very intuitive, home loving and deeply sentimental though they do need the attention and social interaction through community situations or individuals that they feel comfortable with and that they feel understands them or they will quickly “clam up” and retreat into their Crab shell never to be enticed out again for dread of repeated hurt-whether sincere or imagined in nature. Most Cancerian souls love to take care and provide a honorable home or environment for others and they are fabulous hosts with warm homes you are invited into or lost souls wandering and depressing to be around if those needs are somehow not available. They love to do anything inside or out that has to do with the home, and often there is a prominent water feature on or surrounding their property. Cancerians are usually very cheery, exact and resourceful but often times inside very scared which can cause struggle in relationships because there natural protective Cancer tendencies allow it to remain inside until it manifests as a point of no return breaking instead of launching communication that could have easily fixed it prior. Cancer folk tend to be very creative in any field they choose and also are easily influenced by the mother figure in their life(male or female) or by the lack of at a very deep level as well as tend to be very adept at mothering others-for better or for worse serve wise of both parties. They keep everything and refuse to throw out even their old tennis shoes that they outgrew in high school unless of course for the benefit of another then without seeking information from. Cooking, music and water recreation are oft times hobbies and pursuits of those born under the sign of Cancer. (copied)

Re: Susan's birthdate/June 30th, 1917

I'm not that knowledgeable about astrology either, Ginger, so I can't agree with or deny anything written about those under the sign of Cancer. I find that even with my own sign, Aries, there are things that seem to be right on, and others that are not true about me.

I will say that Susan seemed, from everything we've ever read, to be a complex person, and some of the characteristics you cite here seem to confirm that.

I think Susan was the kind of person who actually may have added some new characteristics to her sign with elements specific to her. I believe she was that strong a personality.

Re: Susan's birthdate/June 30th, 1917

SORRY...to have missed being on here for Susan's birthday this year...but have been involved with rehearsals for BAREFOOT IN THE PARK, which opens this coming Thursday.

I did want to comment on the CANCER sign, SUSAN and GLORIA's thoughts on it all. Like Gloria, I am an ARIES but born on the cusp..(3 min to midnight...April 20th) so I also find I have traits of both ARIES AND TARUIS (wrong spelling on the latter, I'm sure..)

I think I found A LOT of things that were true with SUSAN and the Cancer sign. NO..she was not close to her mother, but the feelings went completely the opposite way..so she was always lacking the love of her mother. She was the type who 'clammed up' and 'shut down' so that you did not know for sure what her feelings were (or that is only from reading about her and following her career...and seeing her in person..that I feel this way.) I think she was 'warm hearted when she 'knew you..or could trust you'..but always held her distance until she could be sure of people. I think these things are what made others not warm up to her...because she was not that easy to 'read'. THAT...is NOT a bad trait, either. I consider that to be a 'wise trait'. These are only a few of the things I found to be CANCER traits in our Susan.

ANOTHER THING...I once thought I was deeply in love with a CANCER sign. Guess I still am, since that was the 'last' time I ever tried a great relationship..and these signs were the same Ginger has noted for people of the CANCER signs. It is also one of the 'best signs' to be involved with, if you are an..ARIES. Not all signs are 'made for each other
so...I'm very glad that SUSAN..WAS A..CANER SIGN.