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Saying One For Susan

I contacted Ginger to get her take on posting this-
she gave her ok. The way in which I remember Susan
on specific dates-her death and birth-is to have a Mass said for her. Since she was a convert to Catholicism, it seems like the natural thing to do.
I sent my request to Our Lady of Perpetual Church in
Carrollton,because I'm sure this is a common procedure
there for her. However,any parish church will offer a
Mass for anyone-living or dead. Catholics are familiar
with the procedure;it does involve a donation-which
varies-not to pay for the Mass, but as a church offering. If anyone is interested,I'de advise them to
contact Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Google) address
and/or phone # and proceed from there. Any questions,
just e-mail me.

Re: Saying One For Susan


I think that is a lovely thing for you to do. I'm not Catholic, but Christian, and I never even thought about donating to Our Lady Of Perpetual Help in Susan's name. It's a great idea. I'm sure they would be appreciative and it's a very nice honor and memorial for Susan. It's all an individual decision and/or matter, but it's a beautiful idea and I think it's really nice that you do that.