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The President's Lady/Main Theme/Excerpt

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Re: The President's Lady/Main Theme/Excerpt

Hi Ginger...I went to the website and heard it. I guess it played all...not sure. It was the 'opening music' while the cast and credits would have been shown. Then it ended...just as it goes into, that beautiful and haunting...love theme..music from the film.

I think that love theme music score is one of the most beautiful...ever...in a film. Sure wish I had a c/d of the entire score from this film.

I remember seeing the original sheet music for the love theme, that was in the store way back in 1962 and wished I had picked it up at the time. I went back to get it a few days later and...of course, it was gone.
It had a beautiful picture of Susan and Heston on the cover of the sheet music. 'ONE THAT GOT AWAY'...BUT..I
will always love this..love theme.

I wish it had been given words. I compare it to the themes like..."LAURA", "INVITATION", "RUBY' (from the film RUBY GENTRY), 'MY FOOLISH HEART" and "RAINTREE COUNTY".

Re: The President's Lady/Main Theme/Excerpt

Errol, you can purchase the soundtrack on cd here


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Re: The President's Lady/Main Theme/Excerpt


This theme music is really something special - I have
always loved it - thank you so much. I have the cd with the UNTAMED music which I often play as I think it is wonderful too.


Re: The President's Lady/Main Theme/Excerpt

Thanks, Ginger...for the info on the c/d. I really DO want to get this sound track. Music is sooo beautiful.

Re: The President's Lady/Main Theme/Excerpt

I think I'm going to get it to, Errol. I love it.

Re: The President's Lady/Main Theme/Excerpt


There ARE words to the theme. I have the sheet music in a book called Serenade to the Stars of Hollywood by Alfred Newman. The song is called My Love for You and the words are beautiful.

My love for you, as warm as May, will grow and grow with ev'ry passing day.
Come sun or rain, come smiles or tears, my love for you will see us through the years.
I speak your name in ev'ry pray'r my lips impart
That you will always be first lady of my heart.
And may these eyes but never see my love for you without your love for me.
And where we are, our dreams will blend from here to far beyond the journey's end.

This book's cover is on Amazon, but the book is not available. I would love to make this song available to any of you who would like a copy. I can either scan it or fax it somewhere. Just let me know. The music from David and Bathsheba and Ava Gardner's music from Snows of Kilimanjaro are also in the book along with the wonderful waltz We Meet Again from Desiree. I have lots of sheet music, but this is one of my favorites!


Re: The President's Lady/Main Theme/Excerpt

Libby...so sorry that I never read your response until today..Oct. 5th. I would love to get a copy of the sheet music. I would have to use a friend's fax machine, so if you could email me at..longhotsumr@yahoo.com...then I could get back to you with his fax number.

Thank you so very much..I would love to have this!