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Susan's Homepage/Changes

Hi everyone, I made a few little changes tonight on Susan's homepage. Just something different for a while...new background, different music, and a different picture ( which, btw is Tim's favorite photo of his mom)

I'll probably be working on some more changes within the site over the next few weeks while I'm finished teaching for the summer semester.. adding more pages, or more photos/maybe some videos or at least video links. I'll keep you posted.

At present, I'm trying to put my "Ginger's Piano Place" back together. A couple of years ago, geocities closed down, and I "thought" that I had lost all of my music I had posted there, but Amy from Hawaii who posts here sometimes, told me that some group salvaged as many pages from geocities that they could, and amazingly the other night I found my old Ginger's Piano Place with all my music there, AND my original Susan Hayward homepage.. uncanny isn't it?...those old pages just have to stay up there I guess because I don't have anyway to delete them, but if you are nostalgic for the old page.. here is the reocities url for Susan...I haven't checked all of the links, but it seems most of the pages are still there.. some will say "no page found"...wonders never cease. As I mentioned, I can't work on it, it's just there for posterity until the day comes when reocities takes it off I suppose. / reocities url: copypaste or click the website icon

Thanks to Amy for letting me know about reocities.

Re: Susan's Homepage/Changes

Ginger....SOO GLAD you were able to get your music back and that it was not all lost!! We all love your music and what a rotten thing that would have been, to have lost it all!

AS FOR THE NEW SUSAN PICTURE....I, too, have always loved this picture of her. It would be my second favorite, since I still have my...large one in color or her, sitting on the marble steps on the sound stage for WITH A SONG IN MY HEART. She is wearing that red fringe gown and long gloves from the "Get Happy" number in the film. (this is the one, that I couldn't send you through the mail, when I gave you my collection of pics
of her. It would have been ruined in the mail and we talked about it at the time.)

I am very glad that I still have this one, sitting above my computer. Funny thing is...it came out of a LOOK MAGAZINE article on that film. I was sooo lucky
to have saved and framed it, those many years ago.

Re: Susan's Homepage/Changes

Thanks, Errol. I'm glad I didn't lose the music also, but I had believed I had for almost three years. Geocities had sent a warning about the sites being deleted but somehow I had missed the email...anyway, I dodged the bullet thankfully.

Maybe I can find an old copy of Look someday and can scan that photo.