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One thing I am grateful for, having DISH NETWORK, is that if you sign up with them and have auto-deduct from
your bank account, you get High Definition 'for life' and there is a great definition in the clarity and colors on the films that Turner Classic Movies have in their library. There are only a total of hours you can use and keep on your tv in High Definition, which is still a lot of hours and then you also get about three times the amount of hours you can record, keep and save
with the DISH account.

I have been lucky and have kept in High Definition on some of my favorite Susan films off both TCM and FOX MOVIE CHANNEL...I WANT TO LIVE!, I'LL CRY TOMORROW, ADAM HAD FOUR SONS, REAP THE WILD WIND and (one that seems to have faded in color when I have recorded it on other channels, including store bought copies) of THE SNOWS OF KILIMANJARO.

It is worth checking this deal out. I have also got High Definition on some of my 'all time favorites' so I have them in this great format. Some are..LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME, GIANT, RAINTREE COUNTY, FANNY and MILDRED PIERCE..and they all look like they were just filmed yesterday.


Sounds terrific. It is one of the great tragedies of old movies that the glorious colour in which they were initially shot does fade with time needing restoration.

We have already lost a huge amount of movies since the Silents - initially because they were shot on nitrate film which is highly flammable. I recall reading that in 1937, a storage vault fire at Fox Studios destroyed utterly the entire Fox collection of pre 1935 negatives.

But even when we get to the era about 1950 when safety film was used and we rarely ever lost much permanently anymore, there is still the problem of fading and dullness that comes from poor storage etc.
HD transmission does seem to tackle that well.


That's really terrific about the high def.

My daughter, Kelly,is currently working toward her master's degree at NYU and her major is film archiving and restoration. I'm so proud that she is learning about this and will be among those who will be helping to preserve film history. We also "persuaded" her to take a bunch of our old family films that were beginning to deteoriate and she is working on them in in her spare time...the wonders of technology!