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"YOUNG AND WILLING" was on TCM tonight..>>

It was too late to let anyone know about this film being on Turner tonight, but I did get to keep a copy on my DISH saved shows.

It is a 'dated' film in many ways and one of those that has not been preserved too well, but it was still SUSAN and she was beautiful in the film.

I was not to happy that the three stars they were using in the information for the leads in the film were WILLIAM HOLDEN, EDDIE BRACKEN and BARBARA BRITTON, when SUSAN was the top billed female in the cast list, once the film started. I guess it is because or BRITTON being known by tv watchers. NONE of the actors were really 'leads', since it is a film that introduced a lot of younger actors.
The three men got the 'main billing' and the female roles were all in the co-starring slots. ROBERT BENCHLEY is the only real-name when this was first shown...and out of the whole cast, it is only SUSAN, HOLDEN and BRACKEN who went on to make it big in movies.

Re: "YOUNG AND WILLING" was on TCM tonight..>>

I watched Young and Willing last night for the first time and enjoyed it. TCM was advertising it through out the day saying it starred William Holden and Susan Hayward. She was 24 and Holden was 23. I loved that Susan played the smart beautiful role. Not much of a stretch for her. It was fun to see her do comedy.

Re: "YOUNG AND WILLING" was on TCM tonight..>>

Yep,Susan and Bill Holden got the verbal credit for the film in the advertising,though on screen in the
promos,it was Holden and Brackens'name the viewer saw.
You're right Paula-no stretch for Susan in the beauty
and brains department;I thought she was stunning-especially in the kitchen scene with Benchley. September seems to be a bonanza month for SH on TCM (LOL): I MARRIED A WITCH on Sept 6th, TOP SECRET AFFAIR on the 14th and BACK STREET on the 25th. Hope
this is a trend!!

Re: "YOUNG AND WILLING" was on TCM tonight..>>

Elaine, that is what I remember most about Young and Willing -- that scene in the kitchen with Benchley. Susan was drop dead gorgeous in that black dress...breathtakinly beautiful.

Young and Willing - the full movie, in parts, is on
Youtube also.