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As a Elder Man aged 73 What a great actress Susan Haywood wa I went to see all her films .still in Love with her Today.
What a wonderfull woman.made so many people happy in her movies.
God Bless

Re: Susan

Yes...Charles...I agree with you totally! We are in the same age range. I am now 70 years old and Susan has been a part of my life since I was 11 years old, when I finally found a 'favorite movie star' seeing Susan in "WITH A SONG IN MY HEART". She has been a big part of my life from then and on...through good times and bad times. I am glad you have voiced your thoughts on her.

Re: Susan

Hi Charles, you are so right. Susan Hayward brought a lot of joy and entertainment to many people who haven't forgotten her and the mark she made. She has enriched my life for sure.

Re: Susan

You can add me to the list of her fervent fans, Charles. Like Errol, I became an admirer when I saw "With a Song In My Heart," and have remained a fan since then. Though other good actors have come along, in my opinion nobody comes close to having the screen presence and range Susan Hayward had. She'll live forever in my heart.

Re: Susan

Ditto to all of the above. When I was a kid,I went
through a Betty Grable,Judy Garland,and Vivien Leigh
phase. Then one day I found an issue of Cosmopolitan
magazine in my dad's car;Susan was on the cover-there
was an article about the making of "I'll Cry Tomorrow"
and that,as they say,is all she wrote. From that day to this when it's a movie of Susan's-be it great or
not so good,she is all I see up there on the screen.

Re: Susan

She is my favorite actress of all time. I love "Backstreet" and am trying to find it on DVD. Does anyone know if it can be found on DVD? I have it on VHS.

Re: Susan

Hi Brenda ,yes you can find "Back street" on an official DVD issued by TCM since short!

Go to the internet site of "Movies Unlimited" .Type "Susan Hayward" or "Back street"

and follow the process.

I ordered it from them and i got it within 10 days....you should get it even sooner if you live in the US . ( i Live in Europe )

it is not a restored version of the film alas but it is better than nothing....



Re: Susan

Thank you. One of the things that I would like to do as I live in Georgia...and that is to visit the cemetery where she is buried. I think it is in Carrolton. That is on my to do list.