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Here's Hollywood

There used to be a television show in the early 60's called "Here's Hollywood." I am pretty sure that Susan was interviewed on this show at one time, and I believe it was when she was in England or maybe Ireland filming.. maybe Stolen Hours or that film with Diane Cilento that for the life of me I can't think of the name of right now...~~ senior moment!!

I've looked and looked for the clip or for any info at all about that interview. Did anyone here see it. I know it must be real.

Re: Here's Hollywood

Just thought of that movie...I Thank A Fool

Re: Here's Hollywood

I have a copy of 'I Thank a Fool' here which is no help to the question whatsoever -lol.

Yes that show was a Desilu production and it did run in the very early 60's. They used to often visit the stars at home or on location rather than the standard interview in a studio.
They certainly included a huge number of players during its run and many of them were indeed big, big A Listers.

Mickey Rooney - Jane Russell - the Three Stooges - Bette Davis - Judy Garland - Gene Kelly - Richard Widmark - Robert Ryan - Fred Astaire - Danny Kaye, there were masses of them, but unfortunately I can't remember the Susan Hayward episode ?

The final episode featured Joan Crawford and Tony Curtis and that ran in late 1962.

If you had the stamina - I imagine that the IMDB would have each and every episode along with guest stars listed. Trouble is, 'I Thank a Fool'came out in 1962 but when you mention that the i/v may have been during its shooting - that means it could have been in 1961 as well perhaps ?
It would mean a fair bit of hunting up I fear.


Re: Here's Hollywood

Kerry, thanks, I just went through all of the listings of the 210 Here's Hollywood episodes. I didn't seen anywhere that Susan had appeared, but I just have this stark memory of hearing that it was going to be on, and I was very upset because I had missed it--then again, I was only about 14 years old,but I've always wondered about it. Maybe my memory is clouded. I could have sworn Susan had worn a white dress on The Joey Bishop Show and when Jill sent a picture, the dress was black, or at least looked black.

I'll go through the episodes one more time. It takes about 15 minutes.. not too bad -- then I'll give up.

I wish the shows were available, and maybe they are? I'll have to look that up. What a fantastic array of stars they had.

Re: Here's Hollywood

Sorry...I have been gone for so long!
Remember...?..I was...there!