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37 years

It's almost March 14th, and I am bereft,
because that's the day when our dear Susan left.

Sure, there are films to remember her by;
but the ones I watch most are the ones that make me cry.

Stolen Hours is tough; Maggie Cole is the same.
Yet both draw me to them like moth to a flame.

I know I should only watch her in the roles she devours,
instead of watching sad ones for hours and hours.

There are so many films in which she showed her fire,
though I seem to be transfixed by the warmth she acquired.

To not always prefer her kicking butt you may think is insanity.
But I've always loved her best when she's showed her humanity.

The problem, of course, is she had such great depth.
Now you no doubt understand why I am so bereft.

Re: 37 years

Thank you, Gloria.

I have a special tribute to Susan on my facebook page today. I'm definitely thinking about her, and noted on twitter about today with a link to her website. I wish she could see what a beautiful family she and Jess have, but maybe they both know.

She was wrong -- we haven't forgotten.

Re: 37 years

Ginger, Gloria and Everyone - NO, WE CERTAINLY HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN!! I am also certain Susan is smiling down on her precious family now and happy that, because of her and Jess they are here to know how much we all loved her. They must be so proud of their heritage.

Nice poem Gloria - I just wrote one of my own.


Susan's anniversary has come around once more
And we strive to write comments on the lady we adore.
What can we say that hasn't already been said
About Susan, Edythe and sometimes even "Red!"

Her determination to succeed led her to scale the height
In a place called Hollywood - she worked with all her might.
She reached the very top as she ran to the Stand,
So very happy at last to hold "Oscar" in her hand.

We were so thrilled for her that night and excited that she won,
A rightful recognition for all the hard work she had done.
We continued to watch her up there on the screen -
Even in mundane parts, you will know the ones I mean.

She was so beautiful to see and we hung on every word
But as time went on a real tragedy occurred.
Susan was terminally ill but what a fight she fought
She wanted to stay and life was what she sought.

So on the 14th March, thirty seven years having passed
We come to this site - the many fans she amassed
To pay our respects and keep her memory living on -
She is here in our hearts until we ourselves are gone.


Re: 37 years

Gloria and Trish..simply beautiful. I love it.
Here is my memoriam for our Susan.

"In our hearts your memory lingers, sweetly, tender, kind and true.
There is not a single day dear Susan,that we do not think of you.
But again we hope to meet you, when the days of life have fled, there in heaven with joy greet you, where
no farewell tears are shed."


Re: 37 years

We have another poet in our midst! Your tome is lovely, Ray. But how could talking from the heart about our Susan not be lovely? The words come from images in our mind's eye that live on long after the subject is gone. Her body is gone to God, but the images of what she was and what she did in life will, as we've all said, live as long as we do.

My hope is that, as we pass on, others -- hopefully younger, for that's how it should be -- will carry forward the message of this wonderful woman.

Re: 37 years

So true Gloria.

With thanks also to Ray for his lovely words about Susan. She was a treasure for us as children and is still in our hearts so many years later - having brought us all together in true friendship through our admiration of her.


Re: 37 years

My compliments to the wordsmiths, Gloria, Trish and Ray, for their eloquence. Are we not fortunate to have dwelt in the 20th and 21st centuries, when the magic of film can preserve people's skill and art.

Had Susan Hayward been a stage actress in the 1800's and we all just audience members who saw her live whenever we could - there would have been no way other than word of mouth to relate her thespian glories to those who had not seen her or were born after she died.
Then when our generation had all expired - there would be no one alive who could describe her work firsthand.

Now it is and will remain - there for all to see.


Re: 37 years

I feel so bad...that I was not able to share with everyone on this date, but I have been out of state, doing a show...."BAREFOOT IN THE PARK"..and in an area where I did not have internet.

My thoughts were with You All..and our dear Susan on this day.

I am now back home...just in time to celebrate my 71st birthday...tomorrow...April 20th. Never too happy about this day, because I share it with (of all people) HITLER
Oh well...??

I just didn't want anyone to think I had forgotten Susan on this day. I 'always' think of...Susan..!! (lol)