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Susan Hayward A Legend

As I was looking thru my collection of movie magazines, I came across this magazine dated December 1973, which I haven't looked at in a long time. The wonderful story on Susan with pictures of her career read like this " REMEMBERING.......The Legend of Susan Hayward...Legends come & go in Hollywood, but "The Redhead" can NEVER be forgotten! There never has been a legend quite like Susan Hayward. The story of her often tempestuous life reads like a fairy tale----with a few hints of sadness in between the lines." The article continues with her life and ends with this statement from Susan..."I never thought myself as a movie star" she said repeatedly, "I'm just a working girl." and ends with-- A working girl who worked her way to the top---and never fell off!
If Susan only knew she would leave a legion of fans who feel the same way today and will continue for years to come.

Re: Susan Hayward A Legend

Thank you Ray for your posting - Susan is indeed a Legend and has enriched all our lives with her work on film. There will never, ever, be anyone to equal her as I am sure you will agree.


Re: Susan Hayward A Legend

Hi Ray...Yes...Susan was truly a legend and the 'best' of all the redheads..(including Rita Hayworth with her dyed red hair. She was a brunette until Columbia changed the color of her hair.) I wanted to tell you a story of what happened in this cast that I was dong "BAREFOOT IN THE PARK" with.

We were watching a B-film with two Hollywood redheads..
Rhonda Fleming and Arlene Dahl. The film is "SLIGHTLY SCARLETT" also with John Payne. When it was over one of the actors said. "These two work well together, but I
don't think they compare with that redhead who did the film version of Jane Froman. Who was 'she'..? God was she beautiful..and...boy could she ACT!"

(NOTE**this young actor is only 22 years old..so this great actress was..ALL NEW..to him)

I politely told him he was talking about my favorite actress...SUSAN HAYWARD..and then told him stories about her and about the 'many' great films that he could see her in. He was blown away, when I told him that I even had the chance to meet her one time when she appeared on tv on THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW.

Needless to say...we had many more talks about our dear Susan, while we were working together and I know that he will be ordering some of her other films.

Sooo..it just goes to show us all...There are still many younger people who need to be introduced to the talents of the beautiful...SUSAN HAYWARD.

(THOUGHT you might enjoy this little story:)