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June 30th - Susan's birthdate

Hi everyone, I made a little note on Susan's homepage regarding today as her 95 birthday...so hard to imagine. I also left some comments and photos on my facebook page. I don't think you can see it unless we are "friends" on fb. If you have a fb page, connect with me at "Ginger Haydon" .. just type my name in the search. If you have trouble, let me know, and we'll work it out.

I did notice while I was doing some searching a little earlier that they will be showing some of Susan's films on TCM, August 3rd... not sure if it will be all day long, but at least they will be giving her some attention. I'll see if I can get some more info on that or you may want to go to tcm.com and check on that. I'm not sure if they are honoring her in any way today, but I'll check that out also.

You can click the website icon below to get to the homepage quickly or copypaste:

http://www.susanhaywardclassicfilm star.

Re: June 30th - Susan's birthdate

Ginger..I will hook up with you on facebook. Glad to know you are there. It will give you a chance to see some of the recent shows I have been doing.

Re: June 30th - Susan's birthdate/oops

I just checked Susan's homepage, and for some reason the changes I made tonight regarding her birthday are not saving, so I'll try it again tomorrow.

Re: June 30th - Susan's birthdate

Errol, okay that will be great. I don't know if there are any more Ginger Haydons - probably are - but you'll see the profile picture of Susan in With A Song In My Heart, on the page today.

Re: June 30th - Susan's birthdate/oops

That's okay, Ginger...Just remember..."I'LL TRY..TOMORROW"....

Re: June 30th - Susan's birthdate/oops/fixed now

haha.. I thought of that too but was too sleepy to change how I worded it.. guess it was kind of appropriate.. anyway, the homepage is working - I'm still having some problems with the music sounding.. I took the notcie of what song is playing off and also I might just delete all the music in the pages till I find out what's happening..

The page "saved" last night, so you can see the little note indicating her birthday.