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Susan's birthday party

Hi to all, I just wanted to share a short story of how I celebrated Susan's birthday a few years ago.
Trish had come to my house for a visit and on the 30th of June 2008, I invited a few of my retired friends over for a celebration of Susan's then 91st birthday. We had a cake, lit candles, and sang Happy Birthday to her. I made up some booklets of photos and biographical information for my guests. Then we ended the celebration by watching "I'll Cry Tomorrow" .It was a memorable evening and I think Susan would have liked it.

Re: Susan's birthday party

A great idea, Joanne! You're right: Susan would no doubt have liked it. What better way to celebrate someone's life than to memorialize her achievements?

Re: Susan's birthday party

Oh yes Joanne, and what a wonderful time we had didn't we? I remember you putting on the dvd of WITH A SONG IN MY HEART and your little niece Cherilynn
loving it. That was a very memorable June 30th for me to be with someone who loves Susan as I do. Thank you for the happy times we have enjoyed over the years - and for welcoming me into your home.



Re: Susan's birthday party

Yes, Trish, we did have a fabulous time that year in honor of Susan's birthday. Thank you also for the opportunity that year to visit NY City and meet Susan's granddaughter. We spent the day traveling by subway to Susan's high school which we got to visit and then we visited the Botanical Gardens and took pictures of Susan's stone on the Walkway of Famous Stars who were born in NY. It was a most memorable visit.

Re: Susan's birthday party

I think it is really wonderful how Susan's Homepage has had the ripple effect. People coming into contact with each other, from all over the world, instigated by their love and interest in Susan. I think it's pretty amazing. Didn't you go on forever thinking you were the only one? It's nice to have a community of people that "get it" when it comes to Susan.

Also, it is amazing that some of us have had the opportunity to meet her grandchildren. I had a chance to meet Daniel and Andy, Greg's sons, when they were performing with their band in Kansas City a few years ago... what classy guys! I can't tell you how well-mannered , appreciative, and loving they both were - and they were really tired at the time I met them from being on the road so much. Susan would be so proud of all of her grandchildren, and my goodness, would she love little Miles.. for heaven's sakes, to me, he looks just like her! He is a beauty. That red hair of his came directly from her, I'm sure of it!

And then Errol got to meet Susan himself...can't take that away from him!

Re: Susan's birthday party

Yes...Ginger..I was so grateful to have met her at the Joey Bishop Show, backstage by her dressing room, but it will always 'haunt me'..the stupid remark that came out of my stupid mouth. If she only 'knew' how that has bothered me..all these years. (I must also confess, I was very..jealous....that it was not 'me'..who had got to spend some time in her dressing room, like that young handsome guy did..by having the 'guts' to approach her and she invited him for a chat, when he said..'she was his favorite star of all time'. All I could think was..'that's suppose to be..me in there!'
But...it was not all in vain, because she did come out and...that was my chance to meet her. But 'my foolish mouth'...failed me...:)