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I am surprised that there are no posts for Susan on her birthday...yet.

I have been at the eye doctor all day long and still am having trouble seeing..from tests and dilated eyes, so I will have to make this short, since the white light is horrible..and I can hardly see.

Just here...wishing our Dear Susan a HAPPY BIRTHDAY..and
know that she will always be with us.

This white light is killing me...sorry.



PLEASE...EVERYONE...FORGIVE ME!! NO I have not lost my mind..in posting this about Susan's birthday, but will explain what happened.

A couple of days ago, I had turned back my calender to JUNE..to see 'the date' I had last seen this specialist on my eyesight. THEN...yesterday, when I went to check my calender, to see what time my appt. was for the specialist, I had forgotten that I had 'not' put the calender back to...JULY...and all the way to the dr. visit I kept reminding myself that I had to be able to see...to post on her birthday, when I got home.

Once home...I was waiting for a long time, for the eye to get back to normal so I could see enough to post and would NOT get 'rest' until I had this done. My health problems have been one after the other in the past month..so I was just 'not thinking right. I just knew I 'had' to get that post on here, so people would not think I had forgotten her birthday. (I must also admit that 'current memory' of things has not been great for awhile now. THINGS FROM THE PAST are clear..but 'current events' slip out of my memory and I guess at 71, I can look for things to start falling apart.

I AM TOTALLY EMBARRASSED...AND DO APOLOGIZE for looking like such a fool. I did wake up in the middle of the night..and it hit me...that I was 'one month' behind, because of that calender never being set back to the right month.

THANKS...for not responding back..and telling me I should be put in a 'looney bin' by now....:) All I am thinking of, right now..is that I must be a patient from that dreadful movie "THE COBWEB" that had such a great cast...and turned out..so awful!... ..Take your 'pick' on which 'face here is the 'real ME'...


Actually I recall that movie. When you say ' a great cast' it is not only true but possibly understatement as well. Talk about A listers all clustered. I can recall Richard Widmark, Lauren Bacall, Lillian Gish, Charles Boyer and Gloria Grahame and I know there were other ' names' of the era as well.

But you are also correct that it was a stinker. Can't recall now what the main problem was? Script and direction I think?

As for the June / July posting mixup - no big deal. No harm done and Susan got an extra birthday wish on top of her regular ones, so she is probably pleased anyway.



Thanks Kerry...for not thinking I need to be in "THE COBWEB"..(lol)..and also for agreeing that this movie was one totally 'gone wrong' film.

Yes..the cast was 'too big'...including JOHN KERR, SUSAN STRASBERG, OSCAR LEVANT, TOMMY RETTIG, ADELE JERGENS and PAUL STEWART in supporting roles, along with that A-list casting. (it was STRASBERG and KERR's first film roles).

The director was VINCENTE MINNELLI and has to be one of his 'worse' films, ever. I'm thinking that the script was so 'gobbled and thrown' in different directions, that it was impossible. Script was JOHN PAXTON and it was produced by JOHN HOUSEMAN. '

With all of those 'big names' you would think you would have a 'sure hit'..but sometimes..'too big' can work..against you..like this one, surely did.