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i just loved her films.

I really believe she deserved more press than she got. Her film I'll cry tomorrow brings me to tears everytime I watch it

Re: i just loved her films.


I feel the same about I'll Cry Tomorrow - a very special film for most of Susan's fans.

Thank you for commenting and hope you will visit us again.


Re: i just loved her films.

Susan shows such a vast areas of acting in I'll Cry Tomorrow. That scene between Susan and mother (Jo Van Fleet)..where she tells her mother to 'take a good look at her..and to remember it for as long as she lives'...WOW! What a tore de force between the two of them. And when she lands in the skid row pubs with the drunks..and starts reciting (as a child)..then into drunken, crazy laughter...and the musical numbers that she poured her 'guts' into are sad and shattering. THIS should have been her Best Actress Award film..and she thought it was her best work too.

But...I will always be drawn to WITH A SONG IN MY HEART...That takes more than just 'talent' to lip-sinc so that even her vocal cords show on her neck as she takes on that task and it is Jane Froman's voice we hear. Plus..what a truly moving true story this one was too. Both were true stories and Susan could always do justice to those type of films. Look at THE PRESIDENT'S LADY..completely different, in every way, than either of these films..but just as great a performance of a true-life 'woman with spirit and conviction'.
AND...her Oscar Winner..(another true-story) for I WANT TO LIVE!

Whatever they gave her to play...she always came through....
Oh..how I adore and miss her and wish we could have had more great films with her in them...but so thankful that we have the treasures she left us.