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Appreciation of Susan Hayward

Years/decades ago I was part of a fairly thriving Susan Haward group, run by one Perry Valentine Johnson Then he disapeared and the group floudered and tried to keep on but did not succeed (Sandra, where are you?).

Then I came across this site and would like to be a part of it. Susan Hayward became my favorite actress since the first time I saw her perform in ADAM HAD FOUR SONS. I, too, wish I cold have seen her in MAME, and did try and get in touch with the producers, advertising persons who were involved, and they tried to be helpful but to no avail in acquiring a CD or a DVD.

I do have every one of her movies on DVD and a few other items, such as her radio performance in HOLD BACK THE DAWN. She would have been superb in the Paullete Goddard role, thoguh Goddard did give one of her finest performances. Unfortunately, they gave Susan the Olivia de Hvilland schooltacher heroine role instead--not a good idea.

My own favorite of Susan's pictures is HOUSE OF STRANGERS. Not her meatiest role, but, to me, the "total package" of Susan Hayward.


Re: Appreciation of Susan Hayward

Hi Bill,

Welcome to our "Susan Hayward site". Lovely to hear from you and hope you will visit here often. We all love Susan as you can tell from past letters on here and are so appreciative of Ginger for having made it possible for so many of us to become friends.

There was no-one who could hold a candle to Susan - back in the Golden Age of Hollywood or now. She became one classy lady who is adored by so many.
I see letters from other fans on the Internet and just wish they would all find their way to this site.

That was interesting to read that House of Strangers is your favourite of Susan's films - my own is I'll Cry Tomorrow. I too have all her films and never tire of seeing her.


Re: Appreciation of Susan Hayward

Oh, sure, Trish--I'll Cry Tomorrow is up there among my top--what? five, four, three? And I listen to recordings or even just get on YouTube and melt when she sings "Happines Is Just a Thing called Bill--oh, I mean Joe." It's just that there's something about HOUSE OF STRANGERS--I think a very good, special, unusual movie in itself--where she's so classy, smart-talking , so give-and-take, and underneath a very modern woman. I understand that the picture is particuarly favored in France. Don't know where I heard that, or how true it is.


Re: Appreciation of Susan Hayward

I Bill..and welcome!! I'm sure you are probably aware that 20th did a remake of HOUSE OF STRANGERS in 1954 and made it into a western...BROKEN LANCE starring Spencer Tracy, Robert Wagner, Jean Peters, Richard Widmark, Earl Holliman, Katy Jurado and Hugh O'Brien. It was an excellent western, but still did not have the same effect as Edward G. Robinson, Susan and Richard Conte gave it in the first time around...but I did like it.

I have a hard time comparing Susan's performance to Jean Peters..(even if they did both date Howard Hughes at one time in their lives..Ha!)

I also try to find all I can on Susan and have two of her radio shows on SUSPENSE. They are..."The Dead Sleep Lightly" with Lee Bowman and "Dame Fortune".

I guess I will always consider myself lucky enough to have met her in Hollywood during her spot on the Joey Bishop tv show and to have seen her in MAME in Las Vegas.

I'm very glad you are aboard, with us die-hard fans and hope to chat with you more.