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Other Favorites

Whether Susan Hayward is your favorite actress or not, or is one of your favorites--it might be interesting to learn what other actresses (not necessarily "stars") would probably belong in the members' lists of their, let's say, five favorite actresses--don't you think?
I know mine are pretty mixed pickles. Based on any number of criteria--their talent of course. But also movies they've made which you enjoy watching over and over again (not necessarily just one single, outstanding movie--but a number of their flicks) Or their physical beauty. Or their voice which you enjoy hearing so much--speaking or singing.

Some of mine (in no spcial order except maybe ASTOR on top).

Re: Other Favorites

Hi Bill,

My all-time favourite is of course Susan Hayward and no-one could ever come close to her in my opinion.

I have always liked to watch :

1. Jennifer Jones
2. Yvonne de Carlo
3. Marilyn Monroe
4. Ingrid Bergman
5. Hedy Lamarr

Also love to watch Rita Hayworth purely for her dancing ability.

I hope some more of our site members will join in this discussion.


Re: Other Favorites

Hi Bill ,

Susan Hayward is my number 1.....

But I also like::

Dorothy Malone
Maureen O'Hara
Micheline Presle (French actress,contemporary of Susan)
Lana Turner
Ingrid Bergman
and more:-)

Re: Other Favorites


Nice, your mentioning Hedy Lamarr. So, so beautiful, and when given the right role--which was not that often--she could give a wonderful performance. In a change-of-pace role in H., M. PULHAM, ESQ. I felt she gave a performnce at least worthy of an Oscar nomination.

Re: Other Favorites

Although none will compare to Susan....

If I had to choose some that I always enjoyed...they would be mixed pickles too

Deborah Kerr
Gloria Grahame
Marie Windsor
Ava Gardner
Elizabeth Taylor
Ida Lupino
Doris Day
Barbara Stanwyck

(I told you they were mixed. I enjoyed some of the B-stars that never got the big breaks..but were darn good actresses.)Sorry...I did 8..to include some of the B-stars...

Re: Other Favorites


Awfully glad you mentioned Marie Windsor. One of the great film noir "dames," and one of the most forgotten--compared to Stanwyck, Greer, Grahame, Trevor, etc.

I've always wished that Susan had been in more film noir. I'm a tremendous fan of Mary Astor andI think she was great in THE MALTESE FALCON--glad they just didn't put in a younger, sexier "dame" to attract viewers but a mature, sophisticated femme fatale--but if she'd been older, Susan would have played Brigid O'Shaunessey awfully well, I think. (They'd originally wanted Geraldine Fitzgerald for the role).

Re: Other Favorites

Thanks Bill..Glad we both saw the star quality of Marie Windsor. When she did get a 'meaty' role, she gave it 'her all'..but never got out of that Queen of the B-FLICKS. They tried to re-make one of her A-FLICKS (that may have fell into the B-films, but critics and audiences alike, gave it 4 STAR RATINGS. I have the film on vhs and right now can't think of the name of it. Takes place on a train and men out to kill her. The remake was with GENE HACKMAN and ANNE ARCHER..and it was 'awful' compared to this 'excellent' version. If you think of the name of this film, let me know. I know I will think of it as soon as I am offline. Happens all the time..

Re: Other Favorites

Bill..I'm sure we 'all' have things that bother us, when we can't remember something and 'the Marie Windsor' film I couldn't remember the name of, was on my mind all night long. Then I am eating my dinner tonight and 'the title' comes to me..just like a Light Switch coming on. I have watched the film many, many times, because it is soo good. The film is called. "NARROW MARGIN", so then I looked up the 'critic notes' on the film. It was from 1952 directed by RICHARD FLEISCHER and starred MARIE WINDSOR, CHARLES MC GRAW and JACQUELINE WHITE. It said that is is "known as one of the BEST B-FILMS ever made. It was film noir and a great script with twists and turns..all taking place on this train. It received 3 1/2 STARS (out of the 4 STAR SYSTEM being EXCELLENT). The remake in 1991 starred GENE HACKMAN, ANN ARCHER, J.T. WALSH and was in color..and received a 2 1/2 STAR rating. (They also have a 'colorized version' of the original..but I don't see that as being a good addition to the film. That would take all the b/w film noir greatness away from the film.

There was also a colorized version of SUSAN'S.."I'LL CRY TOMORROW" and I used to own that one..but got rid of it! Oh it was nice for the Oscar winning Costumes, but took away from the 'grit and drama' of that 3 1/2 STAR RATED film.

ONE more thing about MARIE WINDSOR. I really felt that she never got any further..and into the A-FILMS because (to me) she had a lot of the BETTE DAVIS look about her..(the big "Bette Davis eyes" and 'hard as nails' type woman in 'women pictures'...when she got them.)

AS FOR SUSAN AND FILM NOIR...I think the closest she got to that kind of film (which, like you..I truly love)...would have been her 1946..."DEADLINE AT DAWN" with BILL WILLIAMS and PAUL LUKAS and then again in 1947's "THE LOST MOMENT" with ROBERT CUMMINGS and AGNES MOOREHEAD as the 100 year old woman, who SUSAN seemed to 'become' as the younger version of this woman in the late, dark night. This was a very 'odd film' from the novel "The Aspen Papers" and Susan did have a hard time with director Martin Gabel and at one point threw a lamp at him in anger over a scene he kept insisting she do over and over again. I also could not get much out of her playing opposite ROBERT CUMMINGS. Just was not a 'good match' in my opinion. I do like watching this Susan film though, because it shows a totally different type of acting that she did..and as always...'did so very well' no matter what she was given to work with. It truly has the film noir 'feeling' for sure!