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Still working on the website music/homepage

I can hear "Unforgettable" playing on Susan's homepage now.

Can you? Would appreciate some feed back again.. thanks

Re: Still working on the website music/homepage


I can hear it loud and clear and I sing along with it.

I just had knee surgery, so I haven't been able to get out for movies. Thank goodness for Susie's. I've seen WASIMH, The President's Lady, Back Street and I Can Get It For You Wholesale yet again. Today is baseball and football-watching day, so starting tomorrow I'll watch Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole and Adam Had Four Sons, maybe They Won't Believe Me. After those, who knows? Many more available for re-watching. She is truly the "gift that keeps on giving."

Hope you're well.

Re: Still working on the website music/homepage

Hi Ginger,

Sorry to say still no music coming through on my computer here in the U.K.
The last time I heard any was a few years back when you had My Foolish Heart

Great news you have uploaded I'd Climb The Highest Mountain on Youtube. A lot of Susan's movies are on there now. As Gloria so rightly said - Susan is the gift that keeps on giving.


Re: Still working on the website music/homepage

Must confess I also have no sound from the Home Page. Maybe like Trish, it is because we are not in the continental U.S.? Although that would have zero to do with it really.

I do note that when I am on the Home page, there is a small banner message at the top saying ' The website wants to run the following add on
' Windows Media Player' and tells to ' click here'. I am often gun shy about adding things as I have had trouble in the past when something I download is not compatible with the browser or conflicts with some other program etc.


Re: Still working on the website music/homepage

Gloria, I hope you will recover nicely. My husband had knee surgery a few years ago. He actually did well but was not able to move around for a couple of weeks, then went to crutches for about a week, then slowly walking normally. He has been so much better since he has had it. It's a good time for you to catch up on Susan. You are such a good writer, maybe you could write some reviews of the films for different websites like amazon, imdb, etc., and copypaste to here. Just a suggestion while you aren't getting around much! I like writing reviews but started getting involved in other projects and so that sort of thing gets pushed to the back burner.

Trish and Kerry, I think it must have something to do with the browser or your media player. Kerry, probably if you clicked and added that media player that it is suggesting, it would work for you as a general rule, but I wouldn't want to be responsible for messing up your computer, so that's your decision. I don't think it's an "across the pond" problem. I use Internet explorer 7, but I'm thinking the player is probably the issue with you and Trish, but don't know for sure. I'm glad to know the music is working as a general rule.

Thanks everyone for your reponses!