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How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Well, hello to you all.....and first let me introduce myself and my twin sister, Lynn, and Alice, from New York City. (We were born at just about the same time as Susan Hayward's twins!)

If we'd been a little older, we would probably have been a little more aware of her and her unique acting skill, but as it was, it's only quite recently, when I read 3 of her bios and made an effort to watch her films on TV, that I became much more aware of her. And, as an off-and-on film and TV watcher for much of my life, I'm an extremely 'latecomer' to realizing how Susan Hayward, with her exceptional, individual acting style (unlike many other actresses of that time)made all of her films worth watching! You could just sense how intently she involved herself in whatever character she 'became'.

And her biographies (which I took with a grain of salt) certainly made her a unique woman, who I sensed would be almost impossible to know and understand from just reading a book!! Especially as she grew up in the tougher areas of Brooklyn--a place where some of my own older relatives grew up! (We were from the Bronx--Brooklyn's cousin!!)

Anyway, I can almost wish I was born ten years earlier, as I know I would have certainly been more aware of her!! (My twin was an actress from about 1971 to the early 90's, so her awareness of individual actresses was a lot more detailed than mine!)

And I have to say that I would have loved to understand some of her rather enigmatic choices in life! I have a strong sense that none of her biographers knew as much about her as they claimed to! (Though, I must admit that of all I read, it was her maid's interview that fascinated me the most!) Please forgive my gossipy side!

Sometimes you really don't quite understand why a specific actor or actress can promote such interest (Barbara Stanwyck rather fascinates me too). I suspect that growing up in the 50's, when women were expected to primarily be 'background material', both Susan Hayward and Barbara Stanwyck were always so 'real' to me.

My sister and I are so pleased to have discovered a Susan Hayward Board---and with so many lovely, intelligent people participating! I suspect you would be extremely busy if more of us knew of this Board. You've done a lovely job with it.

Nice to meet you all, Lynn and Alice

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Hello Lynn and Alice,

What a delightful letter praising the abilities of "our favourite star!"
Welcome to this site and hopefully we will hear more from you. We are all striving to keep Susan's memory alive - such a unique lady and loved by so many fans around the world. She has been a major part of my life for over 60 years and I never tire of watching her films.


Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Trish - Thanks so much for such a warm welcome!

It's always been an enigma to me why a certain actor or actress will capture my interest so intently. With Susan Hayward, I would have to say that her individualistic acting style was one of the initial reasons, but it's odd, because I rarely 'focus' on a specific actor. To 'discover, her at my age--and even get ahold of those 3 bios I read--well, I guess there was something special about her that I related to.

She was a 'feminist' in many ways, way ahead of her time. And after reading the bios, I'm very impressed at how she tried her hardest to manage her career. (The marriages? I confess to total ignorance about her choices!!)

I admire how she retained a 'feistness' in her films (even though she was obviously typecast!) But what I was most struck by was reading of her feelings of more ease with, say, her movie's crew, than the 'high and the mighty'. I see a shyness there combined with a strong ability to care about others, even though Hollywood seemed determined to stereocast her!! (I can imagine that she barely understood her OWN 'psyche'.)

I will never forget (or be able to watch again!) "I Want to Live", where you are so aware of the subtleness with which her changing realization of her fate, makes that film--and her role in it--one of the most realistically difficult-to-watch movies I have ever been 'glued' to. For days, I actually tried to push her and her role out of my head, because of the intensity of her acting plus the truth of the plot (well--'truth' as Hollywood knew it)! But it left me with a terrible feeling of 'dread'. That film alone was the essence of her ability to 'own' a role.

Anyway, my twin and I are slowly making our way through her available films. And I doubt that I will ever understand how (at my age) she suddenly just drew me in! But, finding a Board such as this one, makes me realize that others were drawn in just as intently! How nice to know that others share my better-late-than-ever awareness of Susan Hayward as a unique--and I believe 'gracious'--woman well-worth understanding more about!

Thanks again, Trish, for your welcome. We were delighted to get a response!

Lynn and Alice

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Hi and Welcome..Lynn and Alice to the board and to Ginger's wonderful site on our dear SUSAN. Please join in with us and chat..we love new people opening up and talking about Susan with us.

I am curious as to which of the three bios you liked the most. Mine is SUSAN HAYWARD:PORTRAIT OF A SURVIVOR by BEVERLY LINET. I think that is also the one where her maid is quoted.

You mentioned also liking BARBARA STANWYCK. Well..both gals came from Brooklyn!
And when Stanwyck was working on a tv-movie HEAT OF ANGER she became ill and had to drop the role. She suggested they get Susan for the role, which they did and it worked out well for her. It was one of the only two tv-movies she ever made. The other being SAY GOODBYE, MAGGIE COLE, which is hard to watch, because it involves dying from a brain tumor, which is the cancer that took Susan all to early in her life.

If you are looking for some great Susan films, you will find many pictures of her great roles on this site. I would suggest WITH A SONG IN MY HEART which will always be a favorite of mine. That is when I first found my 'favorite film star' and from then and on it was going back and finding more and more great performances by this 'extra-talented'lady of the screen.

I was lucky enough to meet her once in my life and also to see her perform live in Las Vegas in the title role of..MAME. They will always be two of my most treasured memories in a lifetime.

SUSAN also does her own singing in, what I consider her 'best film role'..in I'LL CRY TOMORROW..the true story of singer Lillian Roth. If you haven't seen this one...you must..because it is totally 'top notch Susan Hayward at her very best'.

I hope you two will join in with us and keep chatting on here. We love it when new people join in our discussions.

HAPPY VIEWING...Because there is 'a lot' to see..on this site!!..

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Hi Lynn,

Thank you for your great posts, and I sincerely welcome you and your sister, Alice, to this site.

I am in the same age bracket, just about 4 years younger than Tim and his brother,Greg, so Susan was actually well along in her career before my time; however, I discovered her at age 13 when I saw Back Street, and then the lifelong interest began.

This is a terrific group. The Susan Hayward Classic Film Star site has been online since 1999, starting very small as a web tv (are those still around? ha) one pager which has progressed into hundreds of pages with "tons" of reading and pictures with lots and lots of thanks to fans who have contributed information and photos. Many thanks to Tim Barker also who has always been a friend to us here at the message board and the website in general.

I hope you and your sister will continue to visit here and often.


Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Glad to meet you, Errol!!

Wow, was I surprised to find a site solely for Susan Hayward. As I've mentioned it's only recently that I became more aware of her and her films--and how unique she was. So--to 'google' and find this site rather made my eyes pop! You all strike me as such intelligent (and kind) people--and being a twin myself--and being about the same age as her 'boys'--made me laugh to realize that I'd actually come across a group around my age! How sad that all those years passed by when I had no awareness of this special actress.

To answer your question, I must say that I would have to reread both Beverly Linnet's book and (Oh, my memory--what's the name? "Brooklyn's Scarlet".)
I was engrossed by both for different reasons, but would be more aware of Susan Hayward this time. (I believe it's 'Brooklyn's Scarlet' that has the interview--my twin is reading the book at the moment, or I'd check!

'I'll Cry Tomorrow' is so beautifully acted by both Susan Hayward and Jo Van Fleet. Watching their relationship change is so poignant. "I Want to Live" was so amazingly acted--following a woman, who slowly realizes that she has no future--was chilling. And, as for the last scene, I could not get it out of my mind, it felt so real. And, for days, I tried to block it out, as it just affected me too much. She sure deserved her Academy Award--and I wonder if she found it too harrowing to dwell on it herself!?

I would love to hear how your met Susan. And, from what I've read, playing the role of 'Mame' as she wanted to play it, was almost an impossible job--on the stage almost all the time, singing out to a live audience, dancing and constant body movement around the stage--not to mention remembering all her words and lyrics. I can't imagine that you can suddenly summon up all that hidden energy needed, when you have never learned the tricks of keeping yourself going in previous musical stage comedy. But I've read how the crowds just cheered her on thru even when words were forgotten or dance steps 'misstepped'! It must have been such a thrill to see her in this role!

Many thanks for your viewing suggestions. I'll have to get started as I am so far behind! My twin and I are very pleased to have found this group!

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Kim...being a musical/comedy stage actor, myself, for 51 years now (35 of those years in Hollywood)..I can tell you that it was 'not' an easy task for Susan to take on such a 'heavy load' as the star of MAME. Also..not being a long time vocalist and the 'dry desert air' of Las Vegas were just 'more' problems along with all the costume changes, dancing, singing, onstage for almost the entire show...THAT..can wear you very thin, even if she had been a stage 'trouper' all of her life, which she wasn't. But..like any other task that she took on in films, she pushed forward and 'nailed' the performance.

You might also be surprised to know that a young actress, just starting out in 'show biz' played the funny secretary to Mame..named Agnes Gooch. Peggy Cass played the role in the film with Rosalind Russell. But..Susan's 'up and coming new actress' was none other than "Hot Lips Hoolihan" from MASH...LORETTA SWIT.

Susan loved her cast and crew and told 'her replacement' CELESTE HOLM how she felt about it. Apparently, they too, loved Susan and stood behind her 100 per cent.

ON MEETING MISS HAYWARD...It happened when she came from Florida to promote VALLEY OF THE DOLLS on THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW..a late night show like Johnny Carson used to have. It was backstage after the show was over. YOu can check it all out and read (a part) of what happened right here on Ginger's site. Look through the areas on here and you will find it under the title.."MY FOOLISH MOUTH". DON RICKLES was also on the show that night and 'an awful lot' of what I first wrote, about that night, was re-written by someone else on here. You can always write to my email address and I can give you the 'full story' of what happened that night, backstage after the show taped.

I was 'dumb-struck'..standing next to Susan..and what I 'meant to say' did not come out of my mouth. Something else did..and I will lament on it for the rest of my life...(Ha)...But we never know how we will react, in a situation like this...Being right there with your 'movie idol'. It felt like I was in a 'dream' and couldn't control any of it. Just be 'glad' it is happening!!

SUSAN was nominated 5 times for the Oscar before winning for I WANT TO LIVE!
ANY of her nominated films are truly worth 'many viewings'.

PLUS..so many, many other wonderful films. I would suggest "BACK STREET" and "THE PRESIDENT'S LADY" as two other important films in her career..and "ADAM HAD FOUR SONS" if you want to see Susan as a 'real nasty *****'...opposite INGRID BERGMAN, who always said SUSAN was her favorite actress.

Please keep on chatting with us and let us know 'which' movies you are watching of our dear SUSAN.

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Hi, Errol,

(By the way--I'm a 'Lynn'--not a 'Kim'--but I like the name 'Kim', so feel free to use it!)

I had such a laugh reading "My Foolish Mouth"!! Isn't that just the way it always goes! But at least you words were actually flattering! And how often do we find ourselves standing next to a REAL dream!

I always have dreams where I am about to speak with elegance and 'wit'---and instead, something totally assinine comes out of my mouth!!!

Your mention of Loretta Swit in 'Mame", brought back a most amusing and bizarre episode in my life in 1986. At the time, the Broadway musical "Drood", trying to boost up sales for the show, decided to hold an 'audition' (advertised in the NYT) for a small hairy dog to replace Betty Buckley's Shih Tzu (both were moving off to greener pastures) with another dog for replacement Donna Murphy.

It was only a 'walk-on'--after arguing with a stage character, Donna Murphy, wearing a dress with a great bustle, would flounce off the stage, swishing her bustle--with her fancy, long-haired dog following behind with his own chubby rear end flouncing HIS bustle!

Hovering around the Imperial Theater were hundreds of star struck 'people' with their star struck furry friends, all waiting hervously for their call! Well, my Lhasa Apso, Oliver) with his long blond tresses, overweight rear..and his 'winsome' smile...landed the role! In perfect sync, he and Donna Murphy flounced across the stage, and after the argument scene, flounced off together, walking down a flight of steps. (It was pretty funny.)

Anyway, the first night, my twin Alice and I are standing with Oliver in this small dressing room they 'assigned us', when, suddenly--this overly made-up, strident woman crashed right into the room, not knocking and yelling out "The DOG--I MUST see the DOG"!! She then ran over to Oliver, who was quietly sitting with me, and swooped him up, murmuring "Oh, you precious, sweet thing...you beautiful boy. I just love you"! And, after a dozen kisses on his head, she suddenly swung him back into my arms, and she just crashed out the door again--without one single word having passed her lips in introduction to Alice or I. When she disappeared, Alice said to me "Well! THAT was Loretta Swit! 'Glad to meet you, too, Ms. Swit'!!!

That was a moment we forever laughed about--and after reading your mention of her--plus her being mentioned in some bio book, I started to wonder if she'd sat at Susan Hayward's feet, in 'Mame', simpering as well! (Mind you, I have absolutely no personal knowledge of Loretta Swit---except that she obviously loves dogs!!) THAT'S a plus!

As for my own bosum buddy--Oliver--he had one more brush with the stage, having been sent by his 'agent' to do a bit in Saturday Night Live's "Dog Show" routine! All went well until the actor, Tim something, who was supposed to hold Oliver for five minutes while two other dogs were 'wed', yelled out "This dog is a TON--I am NOT holding him for 5 minutes!!" Okay, okay, one of the producers said.....and then asked 'Who's that smaller dog sitting on its owner's lap? It turned out it was my twin Alice's Shih Tzu, Aubrey--also with Oliver's agent--and before we knew it, Oliver was out of a job---and Aubrey was in it!!

Now I know this is a Susan Hayward Board--and I did have something to write about her--but I've just looked at the clock and I am so late for an appointment! So I shall send our a separate post to all, as soon as I can. (Don't mean to 'diss' you Susan!)

Errol--your story was a classic--and I can just imagine the way it happened! By the way, what sort of musical comedy have you done? I do think that is the hardest work in 'the arts'. And I'm sure you have many funny stories!

Anyway, will be back again with a 'Susan Post". Ginger's Youtube photos are wonderful. I've only seen two so far and look forward to all the information I have to catch up on!

bye for now, Lynn

Hi, Errol!! I hope my responses to you are safe somewhere in Cyberspace!

Hello, there, Errol,

Although I know that I sent a response or two on this Board, to let you know how much I enjoyed your hilarious "Mame" stories (I went back and also read a couple of the original ones).....but with "My Foolish Brain" being much worse than your "My Foolish Mouth", it is only just now that I realize that instead of using the 'Reply' feature to answer members, I think I may have just been adding my replies to my own original topic title--and making a bit of a 'hash' as to whom I was answering.

Anyway.....if it was you, Errol, who never came across a note or two telling you how much I enjoyed your stories--do have a look and see if you can find them!! I've also posted a story to you about my Lhasa Apso's short 'stint' on Broadway in 'Drood'. Nowhere near as exciting as meeting with 'Susan H."--but Loretta Swit did come into the story and made quite an 'entrance'! Not to be forgotten.

Anyway, hope you come across my responses to your hilarious story!! I had such a laugh reading it!

Take care, Lynn

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Hi Lynn...(I am sorry for typing KIM on that reply to you, but right now I am dealing with 'floaters' on my left eye from diabetes and I just mistyped your name and didn't go back to 'check' the email when I sent it.)

I just have not been online for awhile, because of the eye problem and so now I can catch up! There still may be typ-o's..so everyone, I will apologize for them in advance.

The only thing I can tell you about LORETTA SWIT..is that during the years in Hollywood, (and this was 'after' she became a big tv-star on MASH)..I had a friend who worked at an answering service who happened to have her as a client.
He said she was "nasty and insulting to everyone" on the service. They would give her messages and she would go into 'rages' over the phone at them..on things they knew nothing about. Just by giving her 'her messages' she would go 'nuts' sometimes, if it was someone she didn't want to be hearing from. There were no stories of her working with Susan in MAME, other than she had not reached any 'bit status', at that time..and was only on her way up, as far as I know. I'm not even sure, but I think MAME was 'before' MASH became a hit on tv. It would have to have been 'before' because I didn't know her name at all at the time..and it would have been in the souvenir program if she was doing a big tv show like MASH.

I think your two stories were very funny on 'her actions' backstage after doing the show..and the story on the dog too!! If it hadn't been for MASH I don't think her career would have been as good as it turned out to be.

As for my roles in musical theater, I have always done comedy roles, second leads, etc. Well...not always...because I replaced Robert Preston in BEN FRANKLIN IN PARIS for the L.A. production, after he had done the show on Broadway. Usually, the show then moved to the west coast, but Preston wanted to stay in New York and do MAC AND MABEL with Bernadette Peters, so I was lucky to get the lead role, although I was only 36 at the time. I won a Best Actor for my role and it lead to bigger and better things. Legit theater was till 'not big' in Hollywood/L.A. in those years but I managed to stay acting and 'the legit theater' beginning started at that time. It has gotten much larger through the years. I won two other Best Actor awards..for "DAKOTA" a musical-melodrama that had played New York Off Broadway and Lena Horne recorded songs from that show. The third was THE MIKADO playing Nanki-Pooh in the Gilbert/Sullivan operetta. Many other roles...Applebee in **** YANKEES, General Bullmoose in LIL' ABNER, both Fathers in THE FANTASTICKS, which I did, again for the fifth time, just a few years ago, Billis in SOUTH PACIFIC. Recent years, after being here in Utah, I am still doing shows...Arvide in GUYS AND DOLLS, Dr. Chumley in HARVEY, the Gardner in SECRET GARDEN and Belle's father (Crazy Ole Maurice) in DISNEY'S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST...to name a few. I love doing theater and you can see some of recent year photos on my facebook acct. if you have that. Just go into my name and check me on as a 'friend' and we can chat more there, or you can email me to my email address...longhotsumr@yahoo.com..I chat with Trish, Kerry and Ray on there all the time. Would love to reply to more there than using the SUSAN site for 'my career days'. ANYONE who wishes to contact me, please do so....

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board! (Errol)

Hi, Errol--Want to say thanks for your very informative outline of your career! You've had the chance to play in so many role and shows---and my poor twin sister, who STILL looks like an 'aging ingenue' (...think....Marlo Thomas, who Alice is STILL sometimes mistaken for!,) has, after her more successful years, found it all too nerve-wracking.....and just sadly given it up!!

I registered for Facebook years ago, but very rarely use it (it's scary how many total strangers are suddenly your 'friends'! Where did they come from?) However, I WILL try to get back on it again (have probably missed hundreds of personal notes from old pals), so that I can find your page and enjoy it. (What's your last name? I love your e-mail choice!) I am still figuring out how certain things work on this board.

Floaters! Ugh! They tortured me for about 5 years---and then mostly disappeared. There's a lot of diabetes in our family--Alice and I have been lucky. Hope it's not too hard for you to manage it. Our third sister has the main variety and I do hope she takes care of yourself. She SAYS she does!

Was just noticing the new picture on the Board--the international mag at that time made SH's lips quite a bit larger than our mags. seemed to do with 'stars'at that time. (Not a look I like!) Whereas now, all we see in THIS era are those awful 'pouts' that untalented make-up artists are intent on doing!

Must meet a friend right now---but good to talk with you, Lynn

Errol - How Do I Get Your Name on Faceboard?

Hi, Errol - I don't know your last name, so how can I find your wall on Facebook (forgive me, as I rarely use FB--I'm a bit like those occasional creatures STILL seen oozing up out of the primordal slime!)

Thanks, Lynn

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Errol: You've probably already corrected yourself, but just in case you haven't...

you had said that it was hard to watch "Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole" because of someone dying of a brain tumor. In that movie, in which Susan played a doctor, the young girl she befriended died, but from leukemia. Susan's character, Maggie Cole, stayed alive, since they had hoped that this film would be the start of a series in which Susan would star. Alas, as we know, it was instead her last film appearance. (Is that what you meant about finding it hard to watch because of a brain tumor? I wasn't sure.)

The movie in which Susan dies from a glioma brain tumor was, of course, "Stolen Hours," the remake of Bette Davis' "Dark Victory.

Also, since the new member of Ginger's website mentioned "I Want to Live," I'm thrilled to tell you that a nationally known PBS movie reviewer, Patrick Stoner, who is headquartered in Philadelphia (and whose reviews and interviews are shown nationally on PBS stations), showed IWTL a week ago Saturday evening, on the PBS classic movie night. I mention this because, after the film was shown, he made a comment about how Susan won the Academy Award for this part, and how -- in his words -- she was our greatest actress at that time! (Take that, Bette Davis!)

Yes, we who loved her already know that, but isn't it wonderful to hear a completely objective third party film reviewer say it?

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Hi, Gloria,

Thanks for mentioning that PBS chose IWTL for their Saturday night movie. I used to watch most of their offerings but haven't recenctly. I love to hear what the critic have to say about each film (brief though their analyses are!)

Actually, it's just as well that I didn't know this film was on, as (I mentioned earlier), that while I chose it as the BEST film ever of SH--I found it also the most horrific. I watched this Barbara Graham die right in front of my eyes--and I 'relived the case' for days and days afterwards. No other film has ever disturbed me like this one. (Also so evident was the acting 'growth' of SH, whose mannerisms were often quite familiar in earlier films, whereas in IWTL, she WAS this woman she played--and I found it hypnotizing.)

I would enjoy watching ALL her films (and am slowly catching up)! And I was very happy to hear that PBS showed IWTL--and that their critic thought her the greatest actress at that time. It just amazes me that her dedication to her work (acting), rather than her need to become a 'star', kept her, in part, from getting all the accolades (and parts!) she deserved for her very special talent!

(Re. mannerisms, I've often seen Bette Davis as SO aware of her need to PLAY 'Bette Davis'--that she got in the way of her roles!)

Gloria, thank you for letting us know of PBS's interest in Susan! Maybe they read this Board!!

best, Lynn

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

First off...Thanks Gloria...for my stupid mistake on SAY GOODBYE, MAGGIE COLE. I got carried away in my typing and 'did'..make that error, since it is true that had Susan had lived longer and not gotten so ill...she might have done the tv series on that tv-movie. It was what they were hoping for.

Lynn...my last name is..of all things...JONES...ERROL JONES..so you can find me on facebook. I just changed my background picture today and put on one from our high school senior play, which a friend from our high school days sent to me. It is funny...and maybe you can find me, by my 'front shot' and the pic behind it. My sister-in-law is the only one who 'found' which one I was and I knew she would know me...Ha!

I will be putting more pictures on the background of shows that I have done, but so many will never be seen, because there was no internet during my main years in Hollywood. I may be able to find some and have them scanned on. That's how we got this one on..so anything is possible. I have a lot from the other shows from the recent years.

How I wish I would have had a camera with me that night at the Joey Bishop show, but it was such short notice, we were lucky to have a slip of paper with us to get Susan's autograph. But the memories and images are burned into my mind forever.

There was no way to get pictures of her, when I saw MAME, since they don't allow photos to be taken in legit shows...and that room was sooo large and we were in about the center of the dining room, since it was a show/dinner combined. I do remember how awful the food was!! Every time I see 'cold peas' I think of that meal..because it was 'all cold'. BUT WE were there to see Susan, so the meal was not important...but still brings back a sentimental reminder...when I see 'cold peas'...(which I actually like more that hot ones)...It's funny how your mind can pick up on something like that, to remind you about how the people were complaining about the meal. BUT once the show started and..SUSAN...appeared at the top of that circular staircase with the bugle in her upheld hand...I don't think anyone was thinking about the 'meal' any longer.

It was a 'moment to remember'.....

And I can still get a chuckle out of Susan..waiting up from the hang-over and Patrick is swinging that paper plane around her head while she is still in bed...and Susan with a wide-eyed look upward..screamed.."BATS!! WE'VE GOT BATS"...(BIG LAUGH from the huge audience).

AND...turning off the comedy...and turning on the love for her nephew Patrick, as they stood on opposite sides of the stage..singing the touching..
"IF HE WALKED INTO MY LIFE"....It brought tears to your eyes!

SUSAN...could turn on the simple humor and then turn it into the dramatics that she was so well known for doing...so very well.

A REVIEWER...in her early career, once called her a...'Bargin Basement Bette Davis'...No Way...was she that! And I loved it when Bette Davis played her mother in "WHERE LOVE HAS GONE"..proving...that she could 'out-do' Bette Davis..any day of the week!!....

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Errol --Hi!

Many thanks for your letter--and I do hope your eye are giving you less trouble.

Just saw (and loved) your Facebook page. Hmmm....is that you in the first row, second from the left? I am terrible with faces--it's some eye problem that makes it hard for me to recognize a face, say, when switched to a different age. But I'll stick to my guess!

What a memorable theater life you have had!! And I'll bet that each show has so many varying and special memories for you!!

I've now added quite a few more of Susan H's films to my list of what I've seen (thanks to all the Youtube work by this Board). And beautiful surprises like Ginger's song to Susan, Trish's spectacular collection, etc,etc. I am also following many Google listings, and there is so much written about her. Along with the two bios and one picture book I've also read through, I find Susan a very, very complex person, with more sides to her, than I would ever have imagined. (And I know that a lot of the books' stories must be taken with a grain of salt. But still.....you do get an overall picture of a woman both gentle and fierce---and frightened by the instability of life. She was an amalgam of so many opposing forces.)

I have a question for Board members, but I will start a new post for it. Let's see how far I get started, before all the interruptions start up!

I have not been a facebook user (although once I registered, out of curiosity, when it started, I found that my page filled with people I never HEARD of! Faceboard just 'grows'--like those Triffids!!)

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

HA!....On the facebook picture...NO..if you are facing the picture I am not on the left. Since this will not show on facebook, and no one else will know the answer, I will tell you..Look for the one 'in the wig'..that is me at 17 yrs. old. I will look for your new 'subject' on here and respond. I am scheduled for the eye operation on Nov. 19th and right now the eye is bothering me so I will close for now...

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Hi, Errol,

First of all, I know that your eye op is coming up on Nov, 19th---and I so hope it will be the start of a 'new view' on life for you! Lots and lots of best wishes for a safe and successful surgery!

I had great fun looking at your FB page--and I should have KNOWN which of your class members was you! How could I miss you in that lovely dress!!

I am a real FB neophyte and do not even know what to do when I open a page! I would love to 'add' you and all our other members here as "Friends"--even tho'I'm not sure what that entails! What do I do? And I would certainly like to sign on as YOUR friends, as well! Again, I haven't the foggiest idea of how to do it, what exactly it means, etc. I can't believe how 'left behind' I am in the tech world! Ah well!

I saw 'The President's Wife' a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. How well they did Susan's 'aging' process!! I find her talent to play such varying roles in each of her films so reflective of the complex woman she seems to have been!

Again, wishing you a safe and successful eye op!!! I'll be thinking of you!


Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Yes...well..at least you 'caught me' in that stupid wig and dress for the high school play. (many, many years ago..ha).

A little correction on the movie you watched with Susan playing Andrew Jackson's wife..opposite Charlton Heston. The name of the film is "THE PRESIDENT'S LADY"..not 'the presidents wife'...and it was taken from a novel by Irving Wallace..(of the same name). I thought Susan was wonderful in this role and love the music (as I also know that Ginger loves too)..from the film. The main 'love theme' is so beautiful.

The way you 'connect' with others as friends on facebook, is to click on their picture..(in someone's friend section). That will bring up their front facebook page. Move your curser over to the far right side and up toward the top of their page, you will see a place marked (add as friend). Click that and it will open up a page where you can just 'click' on there and it will automatically send that person a 'request' to become their friend. Then it is up to the person to either click you on as their friend or decline. You will get a regular email in your home email to let you know if they accepted you as a friend...then go back on your facebook page and you can see/and connect with them from then and on. If they did not accept you as a friend, you will not receive any email back. (It will also show them 'who' on their friend list who is linked to them..as friends, so they will know if they 'actually know you' or would want to become friends with you from the people who 'they are already friends with'.

Hope this will help you find people to link for friends on facebook.

I am getting stressed about the upcoming eye operation on Monday and thank you for your kind words and caring. I have tried to keep my mind off it, by judging a big talent show that will be held in January. I judged the open auditions last Sat. and I will be judging the call-backs from that audition, tomorrow (this Sat.) Then...I will only have 'one day' before the operation.

All my best to you.....
You can also reach me...at my home email address, if you would like to talk about other things, like this...and use this for the Susan subjects. I love hearing from others on my home email site....longhotsumr@yahoo.com...

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Hello Lynn and Errol,

Another correction Errol - the author of THE PRESIDENT'S LADY is Irving Stone
not Wallace.

I remember getting the book from the library as soon as I knew Susan was making this film and being surprised at the coincidence I found therein - Rachel Jackson shared the same birthday as Susan. A really wonderful film and as Errol mentions, the soundtrack is really beautiful. It was a pity this one was not made in colour but we were still mostly in the days of black and white!!

I also send my good wishes for your eye surgery Errol.