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Cruel Beauty/Ladies of Film Noir

Hi everyone...click the "General" section, if you haven't already tried it. This is new so it might take some getting used to a little. I'm just experimenting with it a little to see how it all works.

I have posted a clip of TCM's interview with 4 of the great ladies of film noir. I think this was in maybe the early 2000's, can't remember for sure. I've had it on tape and then dvd for years, and have finally figured out how to get stuff from vhs to dvd to youtube (lots of my hair pulled out along the way.. ha)..

Anyway, try going to the general section and you will see the TCM intro ( which is terrific film noir stuff), and the four actresses, Jane Greer ( okay, Errol, I know you don't like her, ha), Audrey Totter,
Coleen Gray, and Marie Windsor. The link will be in the post over in "General"...let me know if you have trouble finding the post. Thanks. (fascinating interview, which is actually part one, and I'll put part 2 on it if I can ever find it!)

Re: Cruel Beauty/Ladies of Film Noir

I vaguely remember that interview. Windsor, Greer, Totter were all great film noir femme fdatales, but not Coleen Gray. She was more often than not the "good girl," except in a few very minor "B"s. Generally considered--and not just with me, the greatest of the film noir femmes were Greer, Stanwyck, and Astor though of course they weren't around when the interview took place. I suppose the fourth, also deceased, would have been Claire Trevor. Had they wanted a fourth for the interview, they'd have done better with Lizabeth Scott, I think.


Re: Cruel Beauty/Ladies of Film Noir


Were you able to get to the youtube clip via this webpage in "general"?

Yes you are correct re: Coleen Gray. There weren't that many left at the time of the interview, so they asked Coleen, probably. The actresses you mentioned were terrific. Is Lisbeth Scott still living?

I'm trying to think of Susan Hayward in noir? What comes to my mind are "They Don't Believe Me" and "Deadline at Dawn", although I'm not sure they are considered true noir.

Re: Cruel Beauty/Ladies of Film Noir


The only Susan Hayward movie that is generally considered "film noir" is DEADLINE AT DAWN. Even there it's somewhat peripheral, but it "makes it." I think THEY WON'T ELIEVE ME is a much more saisfying picture,thogh Susan has less of a star role tah in DEADLINE. Mind you, I enjoy them both. ironically, of course, THEY WON'T BELIEVE ME also includes JANE GREER, who's an icon of film noir, thanks to OUT OF THE PAST.


Re: Cruel Beauty/Ladies of Film Noir

Ginger knows 'why' I don't like Jane Greer. It is because ever since they worked together on They Won't Believe Me...she 'put down' Susan as not being friendly to 'anyone' she worked with. Susan had 'two' actresses who disliked her throughout the years in Hollywood. The other one was Jane Meadows, who though 'she' should have played Bathsheba in David and Bathsheba..and both these women tried to 'trash' Susan from then and on...and still do.

I was 'very surprised' that Jane Greer appeared, so many years later in Where Love Has Gone, with Susan and Bette Davis, because she still was giving out the same 'put downs' when they did that film too.

I do think that Jane Greer and Marie Windsor were 'the best' in the film noir days...and Lizabeth Scott and Audrey Totter were also super! I always liked all three of the other women and remember Audrey Totter playing Susan's friend in The Saxon Charm. Her name in the picture always made me laugh..it was Alma Wragg (pronounced RAGG in the film).