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Email/pertaining to Susan Hayward friends

Hi everyone,

I am going to try this new email address, and see if it helps me stay a little more organized with keeping up with notes and info from my Susan friends. My regular email address has become bogged down with lots of subscribed mail and it is getting overwhelming, so I need to work at getting it cleaned up.

So to just clarify for my own self, and to not overlook your correspondence, please email me at


I know it's long, but once it's in your system you won't have to keep typing it hopefully.

It's also posted in the website field above under my name.


Re: Email/pertaining to Susan Hayward friends/just forget, won't work

I got this set up and then realized that you would need a yahoo id to communicate via the new address I tried to set up. That would all just get too complicated, i think. We will just stick to my regular email address if you need to contact me. Thanks, Ginger


Re: Email/pertaining to Susan Hayward friends

Okay..we will still be using 'the old one'...Thanks for trying!!

Re: Email/pertaining to Susan Hayward friends

Errol, I think I have tried to complicate this. I think I will just make a susanhayward type email via yahoo. That should be simple. .....will get back with you.. thanks