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Nice to Meet You , Ginger!

Hi, Ginger,

ANOTHER lovely welcome to the Board! (Oh, if only High School had been like this!!!)

And, what a fascinating history of how this site came about--you have done so much intricate work to get it to where it is today, I can't wait to see all the scrapbooks, film, stories, etc. that you have done so much work on, for us to learn about this unique woman.

I am sad that I've come so late to the party (sorry, Susan) but on the other hand, that give me reams of reading and film watching to look forward to!
I've now seen about 5 or 6 of her movies and read a few of her bios--which only makes me want to see more and read more!

Thank you so much Ginger for your ability to take such a talented and special woman, who you so obviously came to appreciate years ago, and turn your interest into a lifetime dedication to share her with those of us who have so much to look forward to! Viewing her films, watching her interviews, learning her outlook on life and just having the opportunity to know more about an obviously very unique actress.

You have done a beautifully creative project for all of us to share. Thanks a million!

Our best, Lynn and Alice (Identical twins)

Re: Nice to Meet You , Ginger!

Lynn and Alice,

Thank you so much for your kind words. The Susan Hayward Homepage has been a labor of love, and I have had so much help from many of her dedicated admirers. Again, welcome to the message board!