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Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Errol --Hi!

Many thanks for your letter--and I do hope your eye are giving you less trouble.

Just saw (and loved) your Facebook page. Hmmm....is that you in the first row, second from the left? I am terrible with faces--it's some eye problem that makes it hard for me to recognize a face, say, when switched to a different age. But I'll stick to my guess!

What a memorable theater life you have had!! And I'll bet that each show has so many varying and special memories for you!!

I've now added quite a few more of Susan H's films to my list of what I've seen (thanks to all the Youtube work by this Board). And beautiful surprises like Ginger's song to Susan, Trish's spectacular collection, etc,etc. I am also following many Google listings, and there is so much written about her. Along with the two bios and one picture book I've also read through, I find Susan a very, very complex person, with more sides to her, than I would ever have imagined. (And I know that a lot of the books' stories must be taken with a grain of salt. But still.....you do get an overall picture of a woman both gentle and fierce---and frightened by the instability of life. She was an amalgam of so many opposing forces.)

I have a question for Board members, but I will start a new post for it. Let's see how far I get started, before all the interruptions start up!

I have not been a facebook user (although once I registered, out of curiosity, when it started, I found that my page filled with people I never HEARD of! Faceboard just 'grows'--like those Triffids!!)

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Hi Lynn,

Thank you for your great posts, and I sincerely welcome you and your sister, Alice, to this site.

I am in the same age bracket, just about 4 years younger than Tim and his brother,Greg, so Susan was actually well along in her career before my time; however, I discovered her at age 13 when I saw Back Street, and then the lifelong interest began.

This is a terrific group. The Susan Hayward Classic Film Star site has been online since 1999, starting very small as a web tv (are those still around? ha) one pager which has progressed into hundreds of pages with "tons" of reading and pictures with lots and lots of thanks to fans who have contributed information and photos. Many thanks to Tim Barker also who has always been a friend to us here at the message board and the website in general.

I hope you and your sister will continue to visit here and often.


Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

HA!....On the facebook picture...NO..if you are facing the picture I am not on the left. Since this will not show on facebook, and no one else will know the answer, I will tell you..Look for the one 'in the wig'..that is me at 17 yrs. old. I will look for your new 'subject' on here and respond. I am scheduled for the eye operation on Nov. 19th and right now the eye is bothering me so I will close for now...

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Hi, Errol,

First of all, I know that your eye op is coming up on Nov, 19th---and I so hope it will be the start of a 'new view' on life for you! Lots and lots of best wishes for a safe and successful surgery!

I had great fun looking at your FB page--and I should have KNOWN which of your class members was you! How could I miss you in that lovely dress!!

I am a real FB neophyte and do not even know what to do when I open a page! I would love to 'add' you and all our other members here as "Friends"--even tho'I'm not sure what that entails! What do I do? And I would certainly like to sign on as YOUR friends, as well! Again, I haven't the foggiest idea of how to do it, what exactly it means, etc. I can't believe how 'left behind' I am in the tech world! Ah well!

I saw 'The President's Wife' a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. How well they did Susan's 'aging' process!! I find her talent to play such varying roles in each of her films so reflective of the complex woman she seems to have been!

Again, wishing you a safe and successful eye op!!! I'll be thinking of you!


Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Yes...well..at least you 'caught me' in that stupid wig and dress for the high school play. (many, many years ago..ha).

A little correction on the movie you watched with Susan playing Andrew Jackson's wife..opposite Charlton Heston. The name of the film is "THE PRESIDENT'S LADY"..not 'the presidents wife'...and it was taken from a novel by Irving Wallace..(of the same name). I thought Susan was wonderful in this role and love the music (as I also know that Ginger loves too)..from the film. The main 'love theme' is so beautiful.

The way you 'connect' with others as friends on facebook, is to click on their picture..(in someone's friend section). That will bring up their front facebook page. Move your curser over to the far right side and up toward the top of their page, you will see a place marked (add as friend). Click that and it will open up a page where you can just 'click' on there and it will automatically send that person a 'request' to become their friend. Then it is up to the person to either click you on as their friend or decline. You will get a regular email in your home email to let you know if they accepted you as a friend...then go back on your facebook page and you can see/and connect with them from then and on. If they did not accept you as a friend, you will not receive any email back. (It will also show them 'who' on their friend list who is linked to them..as friends, so they will know if they 'actually know you' or would want to become friends with you from the people who 'they are already friends with'.

Hope this will help you find people to link for friends on facebook.

I am getting stressed about the upcoming eye operation on Monday and thank you for your kind words and caring. I have tried to keep my mind off it, by judging a big talent show that will be held in January. I judged the open auditions last Sat. and I will be judging the call-backs from that audition, tomorrow (this Sat.) Then...I will only have 'one day' before the operation.

All my best to you.....
You can also reach me...at my home email address, if you would like to talk about other things, like this...and use this for the Susan subjects. I love hearing from others on my home email site....longhotsumr@yahoo.com...

Re: How Nice to Have Found this Board!

Hello Lynn and Errol,

Another correction Errol - the author of THE PRESIDENT'S LADY is Irving Stone
not Wallace.

I remember getting the book from the library as soon as I knew Susan was making this film and being surprised at the coincidence I found therein - Rachel Jackson shared the same birthday as Susan. A really wonderful film and as Errol mentions, the soundtrack is really beautiful. It was a pity this one was not made in colour but we were still mostly in the days of black and white!!

I also send my good wishes for your eye surgery Errol.