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Ginger: "Susan's Song"

Ginger! :-)

My twin sister, Alice and I, Lynn, shared such a very beautiful, melodic few moments yesterday, listening for the first time to your touching and so-very moving "Susan's Song".

I think back to the days of the great 'shows' and their memorable record tunes, which our show-struck parents would always fill our house with It was very special, yesterday, as your theme brought back memories of a time that seems almost to be disappearing these days.

And we wanted you to know that, with just a little imagination, we could just about hear Susan, sitting quietly up with the 'Gods', applauding your performance with that special impish grin.

We think your song made her very happy!

Thank you! Lynn and Alice

PS And YOU look lovely as well!!

Re: Ginger: "Susan's Song"

I know...'we Susan fans'...have always loved Ginger's beautiful "Susan's Song" and I hear it quite often, on Ginger's c/d..with this song and other beautiful music she has recorded on that c/d. I'm sure if you ask Ginger, she can tell you 'how' to purchase this beautiful music.

Ginger...we love your wonderful music c/d....and hope you do more of them...

Re: Ginger: "Susan's Song"

Thank you, Lynn and Alice. I'm glad you enjoy the song!

Re: Ginger: "Susan's Song"

Thank you, Errol

The songs can be downloaded individually at itunes. I think they are about 99 cents each....Just search Ginger Haydon, Garden of Dreams (album)

I think cdbaby is probably out of stock, but if anyone wants to purchase a cd, they can email me, and I'll give them info.

I've thought about making another cd, but wow, it really takes dedication and it is very time consuming, although rewarding at the end. If the time is right, I'll do one..

thinking.. thinking.. ha

Re: Ginger: "Susan's Song"

Ginger..."GARDEN OF DREAMS" was so beautiful, I hope you do another one! And to all who don't have a copy of her first c/d...you are missing some very beautiful music, performed by a very gifted pianist. Ginger your are so very talented.....