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Ginger--Re. Susan's Full-Showing Films on Youtube

Hi, Ginger,

I know this must be on the Board somewhere, so please excuse me for asking a redundant question!!

Could you please tell me which of Susan's films can now be seen in-full on Youtube? I'v seen some over the years on TV--but I remember the following on Youtube. Please excuse me if I've mixed up the television and Youtube showings! I've seen, I think, on Youtube:

I'll Cry Tomorrow
I Want to Live
I'd Climb the Highest Mountain
Woman Obsessed
The Conquerers (John Wayne's miscasting was hilarious. I've read that he and Susan cracked-up during some of the 'kitchiest' scenes and they had to keep repeating them!!)
The President's Lady
Garden of Evil
Untamed ??
Smash-up: Story of a Woman
House of Strangers (?)
Snows of Kilimanjaro (?)
Back Street (?)

Others I saw on TV:

They Won't Believe Me"
Demetrius and the Gladiators
Soldier of Fortune
Where Love Has Gone
Adam Had Four Sons'
Top Secret (?)
I thank a Fool
Stolen Hours

With my atrocious memory, I've sure I've mixed up TV and Youtube!

In any case, I just wanted to know if you see any Susan films that I've missed watching on Youtube?

Thanks so much, Lynn

Re: Ginger--Re. Susan's Full-Showing Films on Youtube


I think if we search "Susan Hayward Back Street (or whatever movie searching), if it's at youtube it should come up.

I don't think Back Street, The President's Lady, or Untamed is on youtube, but I might be wrong. I put up I"ll Cry Tomorrow" in sections, and "I'd Climb The Highest Mountain" full length.

So really, I think just searching each individual movie you are looking for would work. I don't know how many of her actual movies are on at youtube, but I think the search, indicating specific movies would work.

Re: Ginger--Re. Susan's Full-Showing Films on Youtube

Hi, Ginger,

As always, thanks for getting back to me. I am wondering if I am comfused==is it only Youtube that all of you on this Board are going to view Susan's films. Or is there another Site that I somehow didn't notice. Do I get different films on any other sites you've put up?

Sorry for the questions, but want to be SURE I don't miss a single film, because there was something I hadn't known!!

very best, Lynn

Re: Ginger--Re. Susan's Full-Showing Films on Youtube


I think most of us have been collectors over the years. As for me, I've always watched for them scheduled on television, just scanned the movies in the guide coming up, and then recorded them.Also, there are a lot of Susan's films out on dvd, so you can just do a google search for her films, and order the dvds.

Netflix has quite a few Susan Hayward films if you are member of that.

My collection has come about through about 40 years of collecting. It's so much easier now since you can order many of them online.

Re: Ginger--Re. Susan's Full-Showing Films on Youtube

Hi, Ginger,

I think just from meeting you on all this Board, I've heard of more of Susan's films than I ever knew existed!!

I realize how many I had seen on TV over the years--but never thought about them in terms of their being 'Susan H. Films'!! (So ignorant!)

First thing I noticed this morning on my TCM schedule was yet another month of Barbara Stanwyck films (and I DO like her's)--but--not ONE of Susan's--again!!

Think I'll try Netflix, sometime, but I've got to say that I am so happy to see all the SH films on Youtube!

And so many wonderful sites to just sit here and read or listen to!

Again, thanks for all your information, Ginger!


Re: Ginger--Re. Susan's Full-Showing Films on Youtube

I know I am behind the times....and have never seen (or been) on YouTube. Trish told me, more than once, I was missing out on a lot of SUSAN over there. Now I have a question...Do you have to PAY to watch these films on YouTube?

I do find it a lot nicer to sit in my living room and watch her films on the big screen tv...but still would like to know about this..and any other things that I am 'missing out' on by never going there.

My computer is OLD as ME and has a habit of freezing up on me if I go to some sites, so I just never tried to go there, in fear the OLD THING would fail for the last time!!....

Re: Ginger--Re. Susan's Full-Showing Films on Youtube

You don't have to pay for anything you watch on YOUTUBE. Hope
you go there and that your computer doesn't let you down. You'll
enjoy it!!!!

Re: Ginger--Re. Susan's Full-Showing Films on Youtube

Hi, Errol,

I must warn you that I am the sort of 'computer techie', who, when asked by a sales person at a large computer shop,'Just give me a brief idea of what you are looking for in a new computer?", the answer that I too often respond with is "Oh........just a nice simple two button model--with one button saying "ON".......and the other saying "OFF"!!

BUT--the good news is that the newer computers really are easier to work with, and even I mastered the basics! (My old one used to freeze up, even in the tropics!)

And, as far as I know, Elaine is correct in saying that there are no costs to view the film. (except for Net flix and other membership groups---which I know little about.

It really was heaven the first time I experimented and used the search area for 'Susan Hayward - Rawhide"---and up it came--the full film I'd tried on Youtube! Of course I'm sure that watching it on the 'big screen'--with the voices more in sync would be great. But it so exciting to see and hear all the other Susan pieces as well ===like Ginger's music, and Trish's beautiful albums. To think that all these lovely memories can be brought to life again. Especially when I was too young then to have any idea that someday these memories would come to be so special.

So keep trying Youtube, Errol==for Youtube and I--it was love at first sight!

Re: Ginger--Re. Susan's Full-Showing Films on Youtube


You would love love love youtube. It is a treasure house of film clips and full length films, plus old tv shows, etc...a lot of other non-related movie stuff, and tons of music.. probably film from stage shows that you would be interested in..

You do need high speed and a reliable computer , otherwise, waiting for everything to download takes all the fun out of it.

Computers are still expensive, I know, but they have really come down in price so much. I recently got a new laptop for about 250.00, at Wal-Mart -Hulett Packard..it opens up everything really fast, but anyway, I hope you get to experience youtube and other online video sites..there are a lot of free video sites and youtube is probably the most popular.

P.S. The President's Lady is on youtube now.. been watching it via youtube this week.

Re: Ginger--Re. Susan's Full-Showing Films on Youtube

Hi, Ginger,

I'm so glad you mentioned to Errol how he might find some terrific films made from shows he might be particularly interested in!

And, also, I hadn't considered the Errol might need to say good-by to dial-up and pay for high-speed---but he would be paying for what might be one of the best all-round entertainment opportunities the computer offers. It took me a long time to 'give-in'--but once I did get high speed, I could kill myself for how much varied entertainment I'd been missing.

I've watched everything from nostalgic American, British and other foreign films and television programs I'd loved years ago to documentaries on every possible topic. And the ones I've chosen have all been free.

(For those in America, who can forget television's earliest children's offerings: 'Kukla, Fran and Ollie'.....or 'Miss Ding Dong School'?)

My problem is forcing myself to turn off the computer and get my work done!

I think that Errol would LOVE high-speed---Youtube is like a free trip around the world!!

Re: Ginger--Re. Susan's Full-Showing Films on Youtube

Hi Ginger...Thanks for the great info on youtube. Trish told me about it a long time ago and I tried to get on there, but my computer would freeze and I would have to turn it off manually and start all over again. I will have to save my pennies and try to get one at wal-mart, as you suggested. I think it is the only way I will be able to watch what is on there. IMAGINE..'THE PRESIDENT'S LADY'..and the others just on your computer!! I 'must' get up with the times and start enjoying this great stuff!!

Lynn...on using 'high-speed'...I had that on my computer and it kept breaking down on me. The company that I was getting it through, finally told me that high speed would just 'not work' on my computer. I would need an 'updated' computer in order to make high-speed work. But thanks for suggesting it.

For now..I am stuck...but I am starting to 'save' to get a new computer.

Re: Ginger--Re. Susan's Full-Showing Films on Youtube


I heard on the radio recently that some Wal-Mart stores (or maybe all,not sure) have a lay-away plan now. I think lay-away is making a comeback, probably due to these economy these days, so that might be an idea for you too. I hope it will all work out for you eventually because it would open up a whole new world for you as far as the computer.