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Hi, Errol!

Well, Errol, it feels awfuly quiet around here on the Board without your 'lyrics'and laughter, recently!

So, just checking to make certain that you are dealing and healing with your rather recent eye op, etc.?? And that all is ok!!

Anyway, as your favorite gal, 'Mame', would sing to you:
(and pardon to the 'real' Mame lyricists, whose words I have lacerated!)......

.........."For we need our Santa Errol, Right this very minute!
With all Boardmates at the window. Susan at the spinet!
And with snowflakes through the rafters, bringing down the
laughter. We'll need a very snappy, Happy Ever After...


Re: Hi, Errol!

HA!!.... ...Thanks, Lynn..for the nice thoughts and 'funny lyrics'. Not sure I am much of a 'booster' on here, but try to share when I can.

The eye has been doing fine since the operation and I am working on a book I keep 'trying' to write on my life and also..the 'times' I had in living for 35 years in Hollywood. It is also coming along, slow but sure.

I am surprised that other Susan fans are not doing much in-put any more. I have not heard a thing from Gloria on here for a long time. I hope she is okay. I am in touch with Kerry and Ray and sometimes Trish will write me, but have no idea where 'everyone else' has gone...unless it is because of the holiday time and they are all busy.

I am posting a new 'news thing' right after I send this..but it is only a 'part news thing'. I still have to find out more on it. I will post it now.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..and I will try to keep on posting whenever I can come up with something 'new' or..'old'..(like me.. )