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Re: Worthwhile Nov. 1980 "People Mag"- Children of 'The Conquerer' Speak

Hi, Errol,

Yes, Ive pretty much given up that much will change--they don't even want to change the area! Just the altitude--'under the ground'--not on TOP of it. I have very little hope that what they 'knew'in the 1950's, will really 'wow' us in THIS century!

A woman from some town in the 1950's got ahold of a military lettter actually counting the people of that town as 'expendable'.

And just as sickening to me are the documentaries I've watched on Hiroshima--in THOSE areas where the people don't even 'look enough like us' for the gov. to get too hot and bothered to even TRY to come up with some great rationalizations!

Sorry, I know that my reation to reading the PEOPLE mag of 1980,.....and watching all the older documentaries of the time in Japan is definitely off topic for this Board, but I do get disturbed when even THIKING OF how little we've advanced!

Here's to a better, safer, kinder world!