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Seeing Double!


How nice of you to put up such a lovely 'silvery season' photo, so soon after Santa Susan was here! Like the Christmas picture, this one, too, captures one of her many expressive faces. It is really a beautiful photo, made even more artistic with the choice of the background blue with its dark (ferns?). Perfect for a silver dress.

Was this dress from "Tulsa"--I think I remember her wearing a silver dress with similar sleeves?

Anyway, you have made, as always, a choice that makes opening the Board a lovely reminder of such a special actress!

Happy New Year to you and to all from Lynn,

Re: Seeing Double!

This does look a little like the beautiful beaded Tulsa dress, Lynn, but I'm not sure..would have to take a look at the film again or perhaps a photo of her in that scene from Tulsa. I had a lady write me once about that dress. She wanted a photo of it so she could make one exactly like it. This was a long a time ago, but I believe I found a photo and sent it to her.